Selenium 5 - HOURS FREE LIVE TRAINING (May 2017 batch)

Overview: Selenium is about to turn 11 years old. The momentum and growing fan base Selenium has developed over the past 10 years doesn't seem to be slowing. Selenium 3.4.0 the latest version in the market is a flood of new features, integrations, and interest.
ITeLearn is offering a mini 5 hours intense workshop to help you learn Selenium IDE and Element Fundamentals Basics for FREE.

Intent: To teach and master Selenium Basics i.e Selenium IDE, Element Identification and Webdriver.

Date and Time: Free 5 hours training from 23rd May 2017
@ 6:30-7:30 PM Pacific/9:30 PM Eastern & 7:00AM IST (24th May)



  • Foundation level training for Selenium.
  • Perfect fit for those looking to enter IT industry.
  • Perfect course for beginners and QA Engineers who plan to move to Automation using Selenium.
  • Learning Automation Testing as a Selenium Developer will become fairly easy.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and real time scenarios examples.
  • Become an AnyAUT Certified Tester.
  • Training content

    Topic Presenter Duration (mnts) Day (1 hour per day)
    What is S/W Testing?? Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Intro to Automation Testing. What are E R A Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Selenium IDE basics and Element Identification Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Writing custom scripts using Selenium Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    IDE without Recording Karthik Kosireddi    
    Element identification methods. Working with IDE Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    Working with IDE creating Test Suite, Test Cases, Inserting Commands, Working with Run Options. Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    Working with Selenium IDE, creating script manually. Understanding use of Firebug and Firepath. Karthik Kosireddi 15 3
    Java, JUnit with Selenium WebDriver Basics Karthik Kosireddi 15 3
    Automation Frameworks. Data-Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid Driven Karthik Kosireddi 15 3
    What is AnyAUT? Karthik Kosireddi 15 4
    How and Why this framework was built? Vision and Team Behind AnyAUT? Karthik Kosireddi 15 4
    AnyAUT BETA look and Mastering AnyAUT Excel Template Karthik Kosireddi 15 4
    End-to-end Automation using AnyAUT Engine powered by Selenium WebDriver and Java. Karthik Kosireddi 15 5
    How to get your AACT & AACD certification? Karthik Kosireddi 15 5
    Assignment and Q&A Karthik Kosireddi 30 5
    Total Training Hours - 300 -

    Training Features


    1 week


    - Anyone looking for an IT job.
    - Basics of MS Office (MS Word and MS Excel)

    Ideal Trainees

    - Non IT
    - Manual Testers
    - Job Seekers
    - Automation Testers
    - Business Analyst

    Why learn Selenium?

    - Selenium has no upfront, out-of-pocket costs. It is a free download
    - Software Testing market is expected to sky rise at 11 percent of CAGR in next 3 years - CA
    - Average salary of Selenium Automation Engineer is $94k ( Salary Data)
    - Supports different OS, different programming languages which makes Selenium the most desired automation testing tool
    - As cut down the cost and effort that manual testing involves.

    Pricing (Advanced Selenium Training)

  • Selenium complete training video based learning ($450)
  • Selenium Training LIVE + video based learning ($500)
  • Selenium Training LIVE + video based learning + LIVE Project (Pay $531.25 instead of $625)