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Most Popular Automation Testing Tools Training

Selenium with JAVA/C#, HP QTP/UFT, Mobile App Testing

by Karthik Kosireddi

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Selenium Webdriver

Master Automation Testing using Selenium and take your IT career through a huge boost.

  • Selenium is the most Popular Automation Testing Tool.
  • It's an Opensource and License free.
  • Growing Job Market in the area of Testing Tools.
  • Currently No. 1 Automation Testing Tool Worldwide.
  • Build your Automation Testing Career in Selenium with iTeLearn.
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The training will help you Master HP QTP/UFT, one of the hottest Automation Testing Tool with many Job requirements.

  • UFT is developed using .NET technology.
  • UFT is an object based testing tool.
  • UFT has an integrated MS Access Database Engine that supports database operation.
  • UFT is a vbscript engine that is used to programming logic to test cases.
  • UFT works with excel and database files.

Latest Upcoming Live Events

ETL Testing Live Training - Free Orientation Session


ETL Testing Live Training Topics :

We at Itelearn will help you and guide to learn with Live training as well as Live project to have complete understanding and feel of real time ETL testing environment.
– DWH: Data Ware Housing Concepts
– ETL Testing Architecture
– Working with relational Sources
– Transformations – Active and Passive Transformations



Karthik Kosireddi

Karthik Kosireddi is an IT professional, Entrepreneur, TechGuru and an ardent Trainer with a rich experience in generating success for Fortune 5 to 500 global firms, small to large IT organizations and with a hands-on experience in the complete software product and services area.

His immense passion for Education and Training made him to move on from coveted leadership positions with top pay and significant role and preferred to take training as a profession. Resulting in the development of human resources, improving their Skills and Knowledge, which is the demand of the industry today.Having been recognized as the best Trainer Globally in the field of Automation Testing, Karthik trained thousands of Students in dozens of countries across the globe.

With these upcoming trainings, he wishes to reach to a larger global audience and to provide the right skill for their professional growth. Join him for the free Orientation and Demos to get more insight on his vision.


"I am greatly interested because I am so inspired by your teaching, it is awesome. You have a gift to cause others to be the best in testing."

Lenora (US)


"Thanks friend .You are doing a wonderful Job.I appreciate you.Keep up good work.God bless you."

Daniel Smith (US)


"I've compared may free youtube sources for QTP, yours are with the best quality to my understanding. Excellent explanation and teaching technique improves quickly in the past several years, not the hand writing though...:) Keep up the good work. A lot including myself are counting on you."

Venessa Jiang (US)


Other Upcoming Live Events


AngularJS Live Training



an Open Source JavaScript framework created and maintained by Google and a community of individual developers. AngularJs simplify Data Centric Web application development. It is used may existing web applications developed using ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, etc.

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Domain Training BFSI - Free Day-02 Demo Session


We at ITeLearn would like to throw some light into domains which are hot picks and where we see many projects/products being developed. Domains like Banking and Financial Services (BFS), Insurance – Life, Non-Life Insurance, Automotive and Logistics will be covered in a series of trainings.
Learn the importance of Domain Training and learn how it helps you to grow in your career.

Robot Framework logo

Robot Framework Live Training - Free Day-02 Demo Session


Master Robot Framework at iTeLearn covers :

– Create and run a basic test over Robot Framework to validate the setup.
– Customize a test with reusable components and introduce test reuse.
– Identify the different files and tables used in tests.
– Set up the Robot Framework and run its basic test.
– How to use Robot Framework (RF): To drive Selenium, To write functional tests, To write data-driven tests and To select or exclude tests by their tags

ETL logo

ETL Testing Live Training - Free Orientation Session


With the rising need for smarter decision making systems using the real time business data hosted across systems is a must.These heterogeneous systems data has to be churned and made ready for decision making.This is where ETL systems come handy.

This training covers :

DWH: Data Ware Housing Concepts
ETL Testing Architecture
Working with relational Sources
Transformations – Active and Passive Transformations