Quality Center Fast track Oct-14th 2013 Batch


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All videos from Quality Center fast track batch Oct- 14th 2013 Batch :

01-QC Free video (Day 1 )
02-Playlist 1 (Day 2 to Day 8)

Chapter 1: Quality Center Basics

In this playlist, you will find 1 FREE preview videos from a recent LIVE training batch for QC covering topics like Quality Center, What are Domains, Projects, Understanding the QC workflow, Create releases, Cycles, Milestones and scope and Create different types of requirement. Premium Members will have access to the complete set of videos, scripts and files. If you are a member, login here. To apply for membership, please visit our Pricing page .

Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Assignments, Support below (for members):
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Chapter 1: HP Quality Center/ALM-11.5 Basics

“In this playlist you learn about Installation Overview, Architecture of QC, Project with Version Enabled Vs Version Disable, Creating Test Cases in QC – Manual Addition, Introduction to Plugins, Using Excel Plugins to upload Test Cases into Quality Center, Executing Test Cases using Manual Runner, Executing Test Cases using Hp – Sprinter, Defect Life Cycle, Defect Reporting, Uploading Defects from Excel to Quality Center using Plugins, How to manage Test Resources using Libraries and Baselines, Traceability Matrix, Site/Server Side Administration, Quality Center Scripting, Client Side Customization, QTP and QC Integration, Business Process Testing, Other Features of Quality Center, Walkthough of Specific Features of Quality Center 11.5x and Various ALM Editions Comparison. Also, you may be referred to view other videos which you can find here while you view the videos.

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