HP QC 11.5 / ALM Live sessions

HP Quality Center Tutorials for Beginners

Karthik’s HP Quality Center Training program has been designed and perfected for a beginner level professional who is seeking to lay a perfect foundation for an Automation Testing Career. This course offers you over 10-20 hours of video content, interview questions and answers, live project work and assignments.
Awesome course content
Amazing teaching
Job and real-time project focused.

Chapter 1: Overview of HP ALM

What is covered in this Video
Topics covered in this chapter What is Application Life Cycle Management (ALM),Significance of Quality Center,Understanding Projects and Domains in QC Login Page,Working with Requirements Tab and Libraries,Using Test Resources,Working with Test Plan,Executing Test Cases in Test Lab, Executing Tests using Hp Sprinter, QTP and QC Integration,Logging Defects, Client Side Administration and Server Side Administration, QC Scripting, Generating Graphs and Charts in Analysis and Dashboard View.

01 – 57min

QC Day01

02 – 36min

QC Day02- session-1

02 – 42min

QC Day02- session-2

03 – 56min

QC Day03

04 – 30min

QC Day04

05 – 40min

QC Day05

06 – 36min

QC Day06

07 – 54min

QC Day07

08 – 37min

QC Day08

Chapter 1: Files,Support below (for members):[Content protected for ITeLearn Qc Premium members only]

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