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Quality Center is a comprehensive test management tool. It is a web-based tool and supports high level of communication and association among various stakeholders (Business Analyst, Developers , Testers etc. ) , driving a more effective and efficient global application-testing process. At ITeLearn HP Quality Center Training covers concepts like Step by Step Installation Guide and Video, Client Side Administration, Server Side Administration, Walk Through of Basic & Advanced Features, Sprinter – An Efficient Manual Test Runner, Quality Center Scripting etc.

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Chapter 1: (free videos) Quality Center Basics (2 videos, 3 hours)

In this Playlist, you are introduced to introduced to Quality Center – What is ALM, ALM Vs Defect Management, Introduction to Quality Center Features Walkthrough :Releases, Cycles, Requirements, Quality Center Features Walkthrough, Test Case Creation, Execuion in Test Lab, Parameters, Defects and Dashboard.

Chapter 1: Files, Quiz, Assignments, Support below (for members)

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Chapter 1: HP ALM / Quality Center video tutorials Vs Quality Management tool / Defect Management Tool (8 videos, 8.5 hours)

In this Playlist, you learn about Quality Center Prerequisite Downloading, Quality Center Installation, QC Architecture, CreatingDomains, Projects&Users, ProjectswithVersioning.(Enabled/Disabled), What is Versioning and Why it is required ? Creating Release, Cycles and Milestones, Adding KPI’s for Milestones. Master Plan Generating Scorecard. KPI Analysis, Creating Requirements, Introduction to Addins, Uploading Requirements from Excel, Uploading Test Cases from Excel, Test Execution (Manual Test Execution), Test Execution Using HP Sprinter, Defect Reporting, Uploading Defects FROM EXCEL, Linking Defects to tests, Quality Center and QTP Integration Using Test Resources, Libraries and Baselining. Introduction to Business Process Testing, Understanding Defects Workflow in detail and using Defects Pane, Client Side Customization, Quality Center Scripting, Dashboard and Other Features in Quality Center.

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