When I spoke about Web Edit Object, Web Button Object, Methods to perform such as SET, CLICK, XPath, Differenciating Index being 0, 1 for similar objects in the interviews, it gave a good impression with employers of me. I owe it to Karthik only. Also a golden lesson of asking us to practice 2 to 3 times, helped me personally. I do not have programming language experience. At the Third time practice, I could understand what Karthick was telling in QTP and Selnium (I took QTP course and repeated QTP course and took videos option for QTP. I took Selenium Course and am considering to repeat or video access for Selnium Course) Generally It also helps to give permission to Students to access videos for 12 months at a time with affordable fees like 100 dollars per year for QTP and 100 dollars per year for Selenium so that we can stay in touch with Vb Script in QTP and Java in Selenium, I will highly be interested in taking video option again for QTP and Selenium and also will take new courses like Secuirty Testing, Web Services Testing offered by Karthick when they start.