Divya M

"I got a full time offer at Availity and today was my first day there .First of all I have to thank You all for all the classes and the projects which gave me immense confidence because of which I am here.Also I would like to thank you all for the extra effort for providing reference for my work with Atomic77. Thank you Karthik,Manoj & Saqib for always insisting on practice.During my interview,the moment I started talking in detail about developing keyword driven framework which I worked on at SLP project, I guess the interview panel were almost sure their search has ended. I would definitely suggest ITelearn to my friends who are looking to learn things in the right way.Being a part of your learning experience not only teaches us confidence but most importantly teaches us to learn and debug anything the right way...I will always be Thankful to ITelearn team and will continue attending few of your ongoing courses. Thanks again and I wish ITelearn to spread more confidence and happiness to all its attendees..Will keep in touch. "