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IT world is growing faster, wider and deeper. With trends as BI, AI, Machine Learning, blockchain etc. we are gearing for a TECHNOLOGY powered global playground.

Continuous Learning gives key advantage to an IT professional. Our mission at is "Learn IT right." A practical, project based, certified eLearning platform with over 20K global students.  

The Primary goal of this discussion is to bring together global leaders and professionals from around the world in an open dialogue, under one roof to discuss about Technology, Current Market trends and various paths people can take while perusing career in IT  


Time left until Karthik's Technical Panel Discussion VI



Tuesday May 29th @ 6:30 PM Pacific 


Raghavendra Hunasgi Global Shaper at World Economic Forum | Chief Advisor UN | Global Marketing & Branding leader | Author and Entrepreneur LinkedIn  

Kiran Solipuram Sr. Solutions Consultant – Cyient Australia Pty Ltd Board of Director – SCTE Australasia Chapter LinkedIn  

Sai Kiran Kosireddy COO & Co founder at iProcedures LinkedIn  

Akash Dedhia Business analysts guru and Senior Agile Coach. LinkedIn  

Amar Chegu Director Cosmic Management Services Pvt. Ltd. LinkedIn  

Santhosh Yellu Start Up Consultant and Advisor LinkedIn  

Shivashish Ghosh Principal Engineer and Freelance Trainer LinkedIn

Ashwin Chandra SAP UI5 –Fiori Consultant & Freelance Corporate Trainer LinkedIn 

Karthik Kosireddi CEO, Varkasa Inc. LinkedIn Facebook 


Phil Pickman Consultant in Management and IT Project Management LinkedIn 

Nagarajan Pichumani Founder and CEO of Resileo LinkedIn

Karthik Kosireddi CEO, Varkasa Inc. LinkedIn Facebook 

PVN Kiran Kumar Senior Corporate Trainer LinkedIn 

Rahul Gangu Founder, RV Global Solutions LinkedIn

Harsh Nikumbh Vice President, JobsForHer LinkedIn Facebook  

Shanker B Lead Architect, Amazon 

Sharmila Baskaran Senior Automation Tester (Cognizant) & Freelance Trainer LinkedIn 


Karthik Kosireddi CEO, Varkasa Inc. LinkedIn Facebook

Nagi Reddy Bodeddula Data Scientist, Founder & CEO, Cognier Block Pte Ltd LinkedIn

Manoj Yadav Technical Architect, HCL Technologies 

Andy Sherman Entrepreneur, Texascovers LinkedIn Facebook

Gattu Anand Kumar Gupta CEO, Isha Performance Training Solutions 

Vignesh Naidu P SalesForce Specialist LinkedIn 

Sindura Ravela Senior Quality Analyst , Transunion LinkedIn  


Karthik Kosireddi CEO, Varkasa Inc. LinkedIn Facebook 


Ramanathan Sr. Advisor. Vanenburg LinkedIn  

Madhu Murty Ronanki Advisor, DevOps LinkedIn

Narsinga Rao CFO, Varkasa Inc.  

Dr. Rani Ceyyur LinkedIn Facebook  

Mr. Pankaj Rai NIIT, Franchisee Facebook  

Putta Paveen Kumar Sr. VP ,Tech Mahindra 

Ramdas Sunkari Senior Advisor, IT LinkedIn 


Karthik Kosireddi CEO, Varkasa Inc. LinkedIn Facebook  

Phani Ratna Kumar Potluri CEO, Infinetec Global Analytics LinkedIn 

Kanishk Bedi Entrepreneur LinkedIn Facebook  

Sripad Raj Purohit Aerospace NDT Facebook  

Sai Sankalp Arrabolu Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Facebook  

Nandini Gangu SAP Consultant LinkedIn Facebook  

Raju Karibandi SAP Consultant Facebook