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Watch, learn and understand the basics of web services along with their frameworks like SOAP and XML. Learn about the description languages – WSDL & WADL, their port types, operations, requests and response. The course concentrates on an overview on all the available testing tools in the market. It covers the working, properties and plugins of major tools like SoapUI and SoapUI Pro.

Trainer : Manoj & Uday

Karthik Kosireddi (Personal Profile) : Software professional with experience in many reputed companies both as techie and admin. A trainer, enjoying the reputation of creating hundreds of software testing experts around the world.

WebServices SoapUI Course Content

  • What is a web Service?
  • A detailed Explanation with Examples – What is a web service
    Why Web Services, Show some Real web services over the web

  • Web Services Framework
  • Formats & Protocols – SAOP,XML
    Description Languages – WSDL
    Discovery Services – UDDI

  • SOAP and XML
  • XML Messaging
    XML Schema
    SOAP Envelop(Headers _+ Body)
    Metadata ( address)
    Soap Binding(Http, RPC)

  • Port Types
    Request and Response

  • Discovery
  • Finding Metadata

  • Webservice Testing – Types
  • Web Service testing
    Testing Types

  • Tools
  • Overview of different tools in the market
    Introduction to SoapUI & SoapUI Pro
    Why SoapUI
    SoapUI – Basics Installation
    Understanding the SoapUI IDE
    Creating a sample Project
    SoapUI – Functional Testing
    Creating Test Suites
    Script Assertions
    XML Validations
    SoapUI – Functional Testing
    Test Execution & Debugging
    Service Mocking
    Working with Mock Services
    SoapUI – Properties and Plugins
    Working with Properties
    Groovy Scripting
    Simple data types
    Data Driven Framework

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