Selenium with Python and Robot Framework

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Robot framework is an open source test automation framework that is based on Python and uses a keyword driven approach to test automation.The core framework is implemented using Python and runs also on Jython (JVM) and IronPython (.NET). Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD).

Trainer : Pavan

Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming LIVE Training Course Content


  • Introduction
  • Need for the Robust Framework.
    Good Reporting of test runs.

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Installation with Python, PIP utility. Installing Robot Framework libraries.
    Eclipse, Robot Framework Plugin

  • Creating First Script
  • Pybot Concept, Script file extensions (.txt or .robot). Reports and Logs of the test runs. Settings, Testcases, Variables

  • Integration of Python
  • Creating Python scripts and calling them into Robot Framework.

  • Standard Libraries
  • Builtin
    Operating System

  • Data Structures
  • List, Dictionaries

  • Conditional Flow
  • If Else
    For Loop

  • External Libraries
  • Selenium2Library, Launch Browser, Locator Using Methods in Robot Framework. Page Object Model.

  • Data Driven and keyword Driven Framework
  • Using XML to read Test data, Using keyword methods as utilities.
    Parameterized Keywords
    Parameterized pybot command

  • Setup and Teardown
  • Suite and Tests Setup and Teardown

  • Tags
  • Tagging Strategies for grouping the Test Suites.

  • Reports
  • Generating Customized reports. Report Title, suite level. Rebot Library to merge reports of multiple runs.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Integration of Robot runs using Jenkins. Jenkins Plugin for Robot Framework.

  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Using Pabot utility and Selenium Grid to execute multiple tests in parallel

  • coming soon

  • Coming Soon

I assume that most of you are NEW to Testing and have no experience in writing any code. That way, I ensure that I go through from the very basic level and gradually move to advanced topics.

This is NOT Java training. However, I shall teach all that is need to successfully build, design, run and maintain Data-Driven, Keyword-Driven and Hybrid Automation frameworks through Java/JUnit.

There is a lot to learn initially on Selenium IDE, RC and GRID. We then go into programming through Java. Once you learn a flow with one language it will make things easier to adapt and learn or implement through other languages. You know how things work and what can/cannot be done.

It varies and depends on the organization implementing it.

Please refer to Welcome Pack for Selenium on the page for detailed installation instructions.

Excellent. Visit dice or monster or CareerBuilder. Both tools have their goods and bads. Having these 2 words on your resume will help your marketing a lot.

NO. This training has a well integrated and navigates through easy to advanced topics seamlessly. This is the primary reason, it makes your concepts rock solid and you would be able to grasp and implement lot many features. Even if you are an experienced QTP professional and need to sharpen your skills, there is no shortcut. You have to go through the entire program as there are many concepts and fundamentals that you may miss otherwise.

The training program has sufficient focus on learning the required programming knowledge.

The entire training is focused on practical, hands-on, job like projects and practice.

“Selenium is an open source tool and supported by a large volunteers of open source developers. Selenium has become one of the most popular automation testing tools in the recent days. More and more organizations are adopting Selenium over other commercial software testing tools.

I remember predicting Selenium will be the dominating automation tools in next 3 years. I said this in 2010 to a group of my students and it is almost reality now. Why is it so popular? It is the cost. More and more organizations are cutting cost and divorcing commercial and high cost tools like QTP, rational and MS visual suites of tools. Open source is a cost effective solution in the long run even if the learning curve is little steep. I am sure the job market for selenium will increase in 2013 and coming years.”

The scripting language used for Selenium training is Java.

It varies and depends on the organization implementing it.

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