Q. How many minimum participants are required for a dedicated training program?
Ans: Team of over 15 participants is a good size to conduct a dedicated corp training.

Q. List down the Corporate CLients you have been associated with ?
Ans: Here is the list of Clients we have had a privilige to be associated with Verizon, TracIntermodal, Verizon Wireless, Stryker, Veeva, Microturn, abilis, Interoute etc.

Q. How do they attend?
Ans: Online or In-class sessions.

Q.What locations do you provide for InClass?
Ans: Online Training is with global participants. But for InClass at the moment, once we can finalize a schedule, we could conduct trainings in USA, Canada, Australia, UK/Europe, Middle East and India.

Q.Is there a referral fee for getting a corporate training?
Ans: Yes, for any individual or source that offers us a referral for a Corporate training will get 10% of the

Q.How does the corporate training work?
– We receive your requirements of Tools, Topics, Location and Participant size.
– We create a custom schedule and program to fit your needs.
– Our trainer would come in person and conduct these programs.
– The participants will also have access to our online video catalog.
– Typical workshops are between 2 to 4 days and can handle groups of 20 to 50 members.

Q.Is there a way that we can have a demo organized before we plan out for the next steps?
Ans: – Yes, you can find our Free videos on Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/QTPeLearn or on our website these free videos will give you a overview about our training progam and the trainers abilities.
– Please fill the form below and request us for a demo.

Q.Will we be provided with a course completion certificate?
Ans: Yes, if requested we can share the course completion certificate.

Q.Will you provide an invoice to the course/courses provided?
Ans: Yes, we will offer an invoice to the courses provided.

Q.Do you offer On-site training?
Ans: Yes, all our courses may be taught at your facilities. We recommend on-site training for organizations with groups of 12 or more students.

Q.Can the courses be customized for my organization based on our specific requirement?
Ans: Yes, all corporate courses can be tailored to address your organizational environment, experience level, and interest of participating students. We can also create customized training catalogs and help you develop training awareness.

Q.Who are the instructors?
Ans: We believe that having qualified, experienced and helpful instructors is essential to successful training. All ITeLearn instructors are experts in their fields with 5+ years of professional experience, the main instructor for the Corporate training will mostly be Karthik.

Q.What are the rates for the training?
Ans: We offer competitive prices for all courses. Please share the requirement so that we can send the pricing proposal based on it. Note that additional fees may apply depending on the level of required customization, location, and group size. Please speak with one of our corporate sales representatives to obtain a price quote.

Q.How to reach ITeLearn Corporate sales representatives?
Ans: You can email us at corporate@itelearn.com or ashana@itelearn.com id to discuss in detail about the Corporate training requirement.

Q.What are the class schedules?
Ans: We offer classes on weekdays for classes taught Online. For On-site training we can schedule it as per the Clients requirement.

Q.What methods of payment do you accept?
Ans: You can make a payment using Paypal, Credit Card / Debit Card and Bank of America.

Q.Do you offer training Overseas?
Ans: Yes, ITeLearn can offer Corporate training in any part of the world.