Significance of Selenium

Selenium, as you are aware is one of the most widely used test automation tools for testing web based applications. In the early years of software development, testings were done manually and manual testing has many drawbacks. To content, all those minus points test automation tools have been invented and Selenium is one among them. Selenium has been developed in 2004 and within a short span of time, it became the most widely used test automation tool in the world. There are many reasons for achieving this numero uno position.

  • Selenium is an open source tool and hence there is no need to pay either for a license or for maintaining. This made the tests less costly.
  • The architecture of selenium is very simple which makes it highly user-friendly. It is very easy to learn also.
  • Selenium is supporting multiple programming languages and hence there is no need to learn a specific language to work with selenium if you know any of the languages supported by selenium.
  • Selenium is compatible with multiple platforms and multiple browsers. This makes it popular with those who are familiar with different OSes and browsers.
  • At present the many test managers and developers prefer selenium and hence the number of selenium experts has increased enormously. Now there is a vast community of selenium experts to extend technical support and this helps the freshers very much.
  • Selenium executes tests faster than many commercial tools including QTP.

However, uses of selenium are limited to test web based applications and it cannot be used to windows based and mobile applications.

Future of Selenium

As mentioned earlier selenium is used to test web based applications. Making the prediction of Bill Gates a truth, the internet has become the town square of the global village and websites have become the billboards to advertise your business. More than just advertising or providing information, websites of today are extending many services to the customers. These valuable services are possible with the help of web-based applications.

Realizing the potential of websites and web-based applications, more and more business houses are coming up with many new apps to improve their business and to establish their brand name. This clearly indicates that we are going to see many new web-based apps in the near future. Whenever a new app is developed or upgraded, it should be tested. Regular testing is also necessary to ensure smooth functioning of the apps. That indicates that the demand for selenium will increase enormously in the near future.

Whenever there is a demand for a profession, it is quite natural that many aspirants will be there to pursue the course related to it. Similarly, there is a rush for selenium training courses also in the present day world. In order to cater to the increasing demand, many selenium tutorials have also come up.

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