WebDriver Waits

Selenium webdriver is being used most widely to test web based applications around the world and at a time when more web applications are being developed, the demand for selenium webdriver and the experts in it increased like never before. Selenium webdriver provides many advanced features which helps to execute the tests faster and with ease. WebDriver Wait is one such feature provided by Selenium webdriver which helps to troubleshoot issues while redirecting to different web pages by refreshing the pages and loading new elements.

Selenium Webdriver provides two different types of waits such as implicit wait and explicit wait.

Implicit Wait

In implicit wait, a default waiting time will be provided between each step or command, so that the subsequent steps will be executed only after this specified time limit. This is a single line of code and can be declared in the setup method of the test. This is simple, less complicated and transparent when compared to explicit wait.

Explicit Wait

In Explicit Wait, the step will wait till a condition is met or till the maximum time limit has elapsed. This wait can be applied to specific instances only.

Now, you might have an idea about Webdriver waits and their importance in executing the tests. This will be taught in detail in all Selenium Training courses. Trainers will provide many Webdriver wait examples to help the trainees understand the topic in a better manner.  

As you are already aware, that selenium videos will be the main study material when you join a Selenium online training course. Webdriver wait will be depicted in these videos in detail and the topic will be mentioned in Selenium Interview questions also. Certain webdriver wait examples also will be given both in videos and Selenium interview questions.

As mentioned earlier, Selenium has many special features to make the execution of test easy and quicker. This is the reason for Selenium to continue to be in the number one position in the list of test automation tools even after many years of its invention. At present, there is a huge demand for Selenium testers and you are assured of a good job and a bright future by learning Selenium.


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