Top 5 Essentials for Software Testing

Software testing has emerged as one of the flourishing careers over a period and now there are many people who are pursuing different software testing training courses. When you are pursuing a software testing training program, you should be aware of the five software testing essentials. This will help you to get a clarity about software testing and help remove doubts if any.

Following are the top 5 software testing essentials

Test Strategy

Test strategy is of great significance. The purpose of testing is not to pass the test but to identify faults. A test strategy will explain what all tests are to be performed and in what order to meet the requirements. It will also tell the sequence of execution and the optimum amount of efforts needed to put into each test objective. Usually, the test strategy is created based on the list of requirements and other valuable information and what the clients are actually looking for.

Time and resources available are two major points that affect the testing. The basic strategy will consider these two factors also. The aim is to execute the test within the shortest possible time limit with the available resources. If you are proceeding without a test strategy it is a waste of time and the test strategy should be made in the middle phase of development.

Test Plan

Testing plan is the testing part of the project which tells, who should do what and when. Based on the nature of tasks and the available resources, it can be prepared.

Test Cases

Test cases or automated test scripts should be prepared based on the test strategy which tells you what types of tests are to be executed to meet your requirement. Test cases are prepared based on the prioritized requirements and the acceptance criteria. Customer’s emphasis on quality and the risk assessment made earlier also will be taken care at this juncture.

Test Data

Test data is also as important as test cases to execute the test. A starting database with data is needed to start the testing and you may need to go back to the starting point to add new information or data. Usually, test data will be developed concurrently with the test case development.

Test Environment

You need a machine and a platform to do the testing. If the software application to be tested is a simple one, you can limit the actions to a single computer but you may need more than one computer when you need to test more complex applications. Here you should select the right machine and platform to execute the tests.

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