Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver

Automation has gained prominence in the software testing sector and automated testings have become more popular. Among many test automation tools, Selenium takes the lead and has become the numero uno among them. Hence, there is a huge demand for Selenium experts and in order to cater to this ever-increasing demand many Selenium testing training courses have come up.  

Selenium is a test automation suite with many components and the latest addition to the suite is Selenium web driver. Selenium Webdriver can communicate directly with the browser instance and hence the testing can be performed faster.

When you are doing testing, more than one component should work parallel and concurrently. Synchronization is the mechanism that facilitates two or more components to work concurrently and parallelly. In Selenium testing, the application under testing and the tool, should work parallelly and there is the need for Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver. The synchronization in Selenium web driver can be divided into two different categories such as Conditional Synchronization and Unconditional Synchronization.

Unconditional Synchronization

In this type of synchronization, the tool will be made to wait for a specific period of time before starting to function. This will be more suitable when interaction with third-party systems such as interfaces is required. However, the system will be made to wait unnecessarily at sometimes even though the conditions are met.

Conditional Synchronization

In this type of Synchronization in Selenium certain conditions will be specified along with the timeout value. Here the system will check the condition and will come out if nothing happens. Here it is necessary to mention the timeout value as the tool cannot wait indefinitely till the condition is met.

There are different types of “Waits” in Selenium and they can be learnt along with synchronization in Selenium. All Selenium testing training programs will teach this portion in depth as it is one of the most important processes in selenium testing. Selenium videos, which are provided as study materials while joining a Selenium online tutorials will depict the topic with the help of relevant examples and supporting infographic. Hence, the same can be learnt easily and effectively.


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