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The Software Technology is reaching new heights with many new sectors adopting computerization. When new requirements arise, there is a need to develop new softwares with new functionalities. When a new software is being developed, the need to test the same for its efficiency, performance, load etc. is required. This increases the demand for software testing professionals.

At a time, when more and more developers and test managers are opting for test automation tools over manual testing, knowledge of the tools is necessary to get a boost to your career. Out of many test automation tools, Selenium is one of the most widely used tools on our planet. Hence the demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge in Selenium is increasing day by day.

There are many Selenium training online courses and you may pursue the course without disturbing your present schedule. Most professional trainers will provide you with Selenium training online videos which show the whole process step by step with the help of relevant infographics. Some trainers may provide study materials in other formats that include pdf and ebooks.

As mentioned earlier, still there are quite a good number of test automation tools and Selenium is the most popular. Let us study the advantages of Selenium that has made it more popular.

  • Selenium is a free and open source. That means you do not have to invest in this tool. This makes testing cheaper. To sustain, when the competition is tough, reducing production cost and thus the cost of the product is of great significance. By using Selenium, the cost of testing can be reduced considerably and thus the product cost also.
  • Selenium can run on different platforms like Windows, Linux etc. Thus, it can be used by more people who are well versed with different OS.
  • The test script can be written in different languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, Python etc. and hence there is no need to learn any specific language if the tester is comfortable with any of these languages.
  • Selenium is multi-browser compatible and can be used with different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. This feature enables more people to work comfortably with Selenium.
  • Any clarifications on Selenium can be easily obtained, there is a vast community of experts and one can take the assistance of this community to clear any doubts or to get more idea about the technology.

These features have helped Selenium to become the number one test automation tool in the world and many developers and test managers are preferring Selenium over other tools. Hence, it will be better to pursue a Selenium training online course to grab new opportunities.

However, you should go with the best Selenium tutorial to get maximum advantage. You should insist on a chance to work on live projects as it will help you understand the subject deeply. When you work on a real project, you will be familiar with problems and issues that may come in future as a part of your job. This can also be added as a working experience to your resume.


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