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Over a period of time, Selenium became the most widely used testing tool in the world. In the era of new concepts such as DevOps, Selenium has more significance as its function is not limited to that of a testing tool only. In the current scenario, Selenium is used for integrating many other tools also.

Thus, expertise in Selenium has become a tool to grab good job opportunities in the world. At this juncture, iTeLearn, the world’s leading software testing providers with a track record of training thousands of software testers across the world offers a career-oriented CSDT (Certified Selenium Developer Training) program to help freshers as well as working professionals to learn and Master Selenium and to grab new job opportunities.

Agenda of the Course is given below:

selenium testing training

Importance of mastering Selenium has been mentioned already in the beginning. QTP, which is presently known as HP UFT was the leading test automation tool for many years before Selenium arrived. Selenium has many advantages over QTP.

  • Selenium is free and open source tool whereas QTP is a licensed tool.
  • Multiple programming languages can be used to write test scripts in Selenium but QTP is limited to VBScript and JavaScript.
  • Selenium is multi-platform friendly whereas QTP is more Windows-based.

There are many more advantages of Selenium and at the same, there are pros and cons also when compared with QTP. Everything will be discussed in the course to provide awareness to the students.

Selenium 3.10 is the latest version. Training will begin by teaching how to download and install Selenium 3.10. Eclipse is the tool usually used for developing codes in Selenium. Hence, downloading and installation of Eclipse also will be taught.

selenium training

Selenium supports multiple programming languages but a majority of the Selenium users (almost 80%) prefer Java to work with Selenium. Java is easy to learn and work with. Besides, it is also free. Hence, Java will also be a part of the training. Basics of Java will also be taught in the training program for those who are not well versed with Java.

However, Selenium users may have to use different programming languages such as C#, Python, Ruby etc. Basics of coding in these languages will also be taught.

Selenium comprises many components and all the components will be taught in detail including their functionality, implementation etc.

selenium with java python c and ruby

Frameworks play an important role in the development and testing of software applications. This course covers the details of different frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG, DDT, Keyword driven framework, Hybrid framework, POM etc. Selenium can be incorporated into these frameworks and tools for enhancing its functionality.

Selenium Grid, a component of Selenium is used to run parallel tests. The testing time can be reduced considerably by running multiple tests concurrently. However, the tester needs to set up hub and nodes in the Selenium grid. This part will be covered in detail.


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