Selenium Basic and Advanced Level Training Courses

Selenium has been elevated to the number one position in the list of most popular test automation tools in the world within a short time after its launch. As more and more developers and test managers started preferring Selenium Basic and Advanced level Training, the demand for selenium experts has increased like never before. Even now there is huge demand for selenium experts and according to many industry experts, it will continue for some more years.

This consistent increase in the demand drew many people towards Selenium testing profession and it increased the demand for online Selenium training courses. At present, you will find a good number of such courses which are also known as Selenium training video tutorials.

When you join a online Selenium training videos tutorials, you will be provided with a set of Selenium videos which depict the entire process of Selenium testing step by step. There are Selenium basic and advanced level training courses. In basic Selenium training courses, the testing processes will be taught and one can start the career as a software tester by pursuing Selenium Basics training courses.

The advanced Selenium Training courses will contain more advanced testing, incorporation of selenium with many third party tools and frameworks for enhanced applications, generating more advanced test reports etc. Although a person with basic knowledge of software can attend Selenium basic tutorials, only those who have completed the basic level can attend the Advanced Selenium tutorials.

When you work with Selenium, you should know at least one programming language that is supported by selenium. However, there are some courses such as selenium training with java and selenium training with C# which are aimed at non-programmers which help them to learn a programming language along with Selenium and thus to start a career in testing.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, there is a huge demand for Selenium experts across the world but one should have a high level of expertise in the technology to get the best opportunities. Hence, it is advisable to pursue both Selenium basic and advanced level training courses.

Selenium Training Course Contents

Although, there may be some slight variations in the contents of different trainers the core will be one and the same. Most of the professional trainers follow the below given syllabi.

  • Selenium IDE Basics
  • Eclipse, JUnit, Selenium RC, ANT
  • Basics of Core Java and JUnit using Selenium Server (Remote Control)
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-1 with core Java programming and JUnit annotations
  • Selenium Data-Driven Framework-2
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-1
  • Selenium WebDriver Overview
  • Keyword-Driven Framework-2 using Selenium WebDriver
  • Hybrid Framework using WebDriver
  • AJAX, Dynamic Pages, Window Alerts, Pop-Ups
  • Selenium GRID, TESTNG framework implementation, ANT Build
  • Selenium Database Testing
  • Selenium Interview Preparation and Resume
  • Selenium SVN & Maven
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins

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