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Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation—


In the Day 01 Session of this orientation program, the importance of Selenium, advantages of learning Selenium, its different components etc have been discussed as the topics for the upcoming Selenium Training program organized by iTeLearn.

As you are aware there are different types of tests and hence different types of test automation tools also. For example,

Functional Testing    – Selenium, UFT, VSTS, Rational Suite etc

Load Testing        – LoadRunner, JMeter etc.

Accessibility Testing    – Many Browser Plugins

Test Management    – Microsoft Test Manager, HP ALM, Jira, TestRail etc

Testing is necessary for a software application and to automate the same is optional. During test planning, the Return On Investment will be considered before going in for automation. Along with this feasibility of different test automation tools also will be calculated by the test managers.

In different types of testings, Functional Testing is the one which has to be performed frequently. Each and every build should be tested and regression testings to be executed if any bugs are found during the tests and fixed. In other words, a number of test cases should be repeated a large number of times and it is near to impossible to do it manually. Here, the best option is, undoubtedly automation.

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Now, the feasibility of different tools should be taken into consideration. Tools such as UFT/QTP are commercial products and the tester should pay for the license but Selenium is a free tool. This is one advantage for Selenium over other tools.

However, very few used to automate tests with Selenium a few years back. The major issue was technical support. Unlike QTP or any other commercial tool, there is no official technical support for Selenium as it is a free tool. As the time passed many started using Selenium and slowly a strong group of Selenium experts has been provided to extend technical support. At present, Selenium too has good technical support from expert members in the Selenium forum.

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This has changed the fate of Selenium and as far as web-based applications, Selenium is the number one test automation tool in the present day world. That is why the selenium experts are enjoying a good demand across the world.

Now, In this Session, more about the course contents will be discussed. This training program will have 37 recorded testing video tutorials and 15 Live sessions by Shankar. Live project training is included as a part of the course which will help the students to get enough working experience.

The day 01 will start with a detailed introduction to Selenium. In this, the Selenium 1.0, 2.0 and the latest version 3.0 will be discussed in detail. Training will be provided for integrating different Selenium components also.

From the Day 02 onwards project-based training will start and the first one will be Selenium IDE project in which training will be provided for creating test cases and test suits, different locator identification options, converting scripts from different formats such as Java, C# etc, will be taught.

Then we will move over to Selenium Webdriver, the latest addition to the Selenium suite. Right from the basic to the most advanced features will be taught in this program. Downloading and installation of Eclipse will be taught along with its application. Eclipse is used to write test scripts in Selenium. This can be done with another tool called Intelligence also. However, most of the Selenium experts use Eclipse as it is free when you have to pay for the license to use Intelligence. Even then you can work with Intelligence if you have a license and hence use of Intelligence will also be taught.

Different frameworks and different test automation tools that can be incorporated into Selenium such as Apache Maven, TestNG Framework, JUnit, Jenkins etc also will be taught. These tools are used to enhance the functionalities of Selenium.


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