PMP Training Details and Career Opportunities

Project Management Professional or PMP, in short, is a globally recognized designation and it is being offered by Project Management Institute or PMI. At present, there are about 0.7 Million certified individuals on our planet earth and their presence is there in over 270 countries and territories. PMI conducts examinations regularly and those who pass the exams will get the designation PMP. So PMP training is required to appear for the examination.

Details of Project Management Professional Examinations

The syllabi of the exam are prepared by PMI and it based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). A high school diploma or associate degree with 7500 hours of working experience or a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 4,500 hours of working experience in directing and leading the project with a minimum 35 hours formal PMP training is required to appear for the examination. Syllabi of the exam will be as follows.

  1. Initiating the project which constitutes 13% of the total marks.
  2. Planning the Project which constitutes 24%
  3. Executing the project which constitutes 31%
  4. Monitoring and controlling the project constitutes 25%
  5. Closing the project which constitutes 7%

PMP Training Course Details

PMP certification is not a lifetime designation and you need to do at least 60 Professional Development Units or PDUs every three years to maintain the designation. Project Management Professional training courses will help to get PMP certification and maintaining it as well.

There are many PMP tutorials including some PMP online training courses who offer professional training and facilities to do PDUs on time. A major chunk of the study materials for online courses will contain PMP training videos. Study materials such as pdf, ebooks etc are also available.

If you are going along with a professional PMP online training course, they will provide access to their community. In this active community of experts, you can discuss interesting subjects related to PMP course and can clarify doubts if any. Similarly, such well reputed and professional PMP tutorials can help you to get 60 PDUs completed within the stipulated time.

How to Select the Best PMP Online Training Course

Although you may come across with hundreds of Project Management Professional training courses, not all may be good enough to help you achieve the designation or to maintain the designation you got. Hence, you should choose your trainer wisely and here are few helpful tips-

  • Enquire about the quality of training provided by the trainer before joining for the course. You can either enquire it directly with some of the former students or can take the help of social media or open discussion forums related to the subject to get more idea.
  • Enquire about the experience and track record of the trainer.
  • Visit the official website of the trainer and watch the sample videos posted there to assess the quality of training.
  • Attend free orientation programs conducted by the trainers from time to time. This will give you more details about the subject as well as the quality of training.
  • Find out whether the trainers are providing opportunities to work on live projects. This will help you to understand the subject vividly and also will help you to add more experience to your resume.

Why Should go with PMP Certification

Now, we have discussed what is PMP, the course details and how to choose the best trainer. There are many project managers across the world who have very good experience but without PMP certification. Naturally here arises a doubt, why should someone go with PMP certification when one can be a project manager even without the certification. Here are 10 valid reasons for pursuing a PMP certification.

  1. You can be familiar with mainstream ideas on project management standards, techniques, best practices and present-day trends.
  2. You will get an opportunity to learn new techniques which will help you in your project management.
  3. You will get more job opportunities as many big companies have started preferring professionals with PMP certification as project managers.
  4. It really displays your professional ability and caliber.
  5. Your PMP certification will certainly give advantages to your company in business proposals and may get good orders, thus enhancing your influence in the company.
  6. You will be provided with networking opportunities with other PMPs.
  7. Your face value and the image will go up in your circle.
  8. You will get a lot of opportunities to train future PMPs and thus can earn a decent income.
  9. Add more value to your credentials and resume.
  10. You will get a distinguished place in the highly competitive job market.

Job Opportunities for PMP Certified Professionals

A rough estimate indicates that there will be about 17.5 million new job opportunities for project managers across the world by 2020. This is really a great figure. Even now most of the companies have started looking out for PMP certified personals as project managers and over time more and more companies will certainly hire only certified persons. Hence PMP certified  persons will get more opportunities in the future.

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