NoSQL Training, Syllabus and Career Opportunities

NoSQL, formerly  known as Non-SQL or nonrelational, is a mechanism that facilitates storage and retrieval of data. Although it has been many decades that it came into existence, it only attained popularity in the beginning of the twenty-first century. However, it reached its peak with the arrival of web 2.0 companies such as Facebook, Amazon etc.  Now there are many takers for this technology and day by day the demand for NOSQL experts is increasing. Responding to the need many experts have come up with NoSQL training courses to create more and more professionals.

NoSQL Training Courses

Most of the courses on NoSQL are online training courses, the study materials include NoSQL training videos and study materials in other formats including pdf. Professional trainers will keep the videos very simple with step by step narration in simple English with related infographics to help the trainees to learn the subject more effectively.

Prerequisites to Attend the Course

There are no prerequisites for trainees to attend this course. However, those with experience in CSCU 9Q5 can learn the subject more easily with less effort.

Contents of the Course

Any professional course on NoSQL will contain the following things

  • A brief introduction on the differences between relational database and non-relational database (NoSQL).
  • It provides the necessary guidelines to choose the right database for the application.
  • It teaches you in detail on how to program a number of NoSQL databases to store, retrieve and also to perform aggregation functions.
  • The course will certainly deal in detail the concepts of replication, sharding, distribution, and resilience in NosQL database.
  • Will teach about analyzing semi-structured data.
  • MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J installation and deployment will be taught in detail.
  • Will cover map reduce on database

How to Select the Best NoSQL online training course

  1. Almost all the online training courses for NoSQL will cover all these subjects and there are many such tutorials available. Here you will end up with a confusion over choosing the right one. So here are some tips you can rely on to choose the best tutorial. Most important part of any NoSQL online training tutorial will be videos.
  2. Most of the tutorials will place a part of it on their website to give the trainees an idea about  their training through these videos. Firstly you should check the quality of video and audio recording. Secondly, you should see whether they are narrating each step clearly using simple language and relevant infographics.
  3. You should check the track record of the institute offering online training on NoSQL. You should see how long they are into training. Check info about who the trainers are. You should check the success rate of the institute. You can enquire and find out all these by asking any of their existing or past students. You can rely on several open discussion forums to get an idea about the institute and quality of their service.
  4. Highly professional NoSQL training providers will give you an opportunity to work on live projects. This will help you realize real life problems which will add more experience to your resume. Hence you should always go with those trainers who allow you to work on live projects.

At present, the world is experiencing a technical revolution and experts in NoSQL have great roles to play in this. Hence it is better to approach a good training institute to get trained.

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