NoSQL Training Online: Details and Advantages

NoSQL Training : Although NoSQL came into existence in the late 1960’s, it has gained popularity only after web 2.0 companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon started using it. NoSQL databases are used in Big Data and in real-time web applications.

The data structures used in NoSQL databases are totally different from the data used by default in relational databases and making some operations faster in NoSQL databases.

While NoSQL technology started gaining popularity, there is a rise in demand for experts in this technology and many professionals from other domains took to NoSQL for a better career and they all succeeded in that. However, the demand for NoSQL keeps on increasing and many online NoSQL training courses have come into existence in the past few years. There are many advantages of pursuing an online course.

One can be trained by the world’s leading trainers irrespective of the geographical positioning of the trainees and trainers.

One can learn the subject at their own convenient time and hence they do not have to disturb their daily schedules. This helps working professionals and students appearing for other courses to learn NoSQL technology.

One can learn the subject from a station of their own comfort. This will help them to learn better.

As a part of the course, the trainees will get a chance to work on live projects. They will have to work as a team on these projects with many other trainees and experts from different parts of the world. Thus, it will help them build new contacts, which may come for their help in future while searching for better career opportunities.

Similarly, as soon as you join an online NoSQL training course, you will get a lifetime access to a vast community of experts. This can also be used to build new relations which will support your growth in career.

NoSQL Training Online Course Contents

NoSQL training videos constitute the major part of study material provided. Different aspects of the technology will be discussed in these videos. The entire technology will be depicted with the help of relevant and easy to understand infographics. There will be study materials in some other formats which include pdf and ebook.

Whether it is NoSQL online tutorial or an in-class course, the syllabus will be one and the same. There might be some minor changes in the priorities depending on the trainer but the core of the course will be the same. Most of the professional trainers follow the following syllabus for the course.

Chapter 1 : Introducing NoSQL

1.1 Define the term NoSQL and the technology it references.

1.2 Describe NoSQL history in the database landscape.

1.3 Explain concepts and characteristics of NoSQL databases. (Google BigTable, Cassandra, MongoDB, Oracle NoSQL, IBM Informix)

1.4 Fundamental test process

1.5 List the primary benefits to adopting a NoSQL database.

1.6 Difference between traditional relational DB and NoSQL database.

Chapter 2 : Defining NoSQL Database Types, Options, and User Cases

2.1 Define the major types of NoSQL Databases.

2.2 Describe the primary use cases of each.

2.3 Differentiate the major architectural differences between the types.

Chapter 3 : SQL vs NoSQL

3.1 Data Types

3.2 DDL/DCL/DML Scripts

3.3 Schema definition — Tables,Columns,Data Types,Sequences,Partitions,Procedures,Functions etc

3.4 Cassandra CQL– how to write queries(SQL in  NoSQL Cassandra DB)

3.5 DDL/DCL/DML Scripts

Chapter 4 : Use Cases

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