Master of Software Testing (MoST) Training

Master Of Software Testing (MoST) is a comprehensive course which covers different sectors such as computer science, information technology and management courses. MoST training covers both manual testing and testing automation. Various industry-related processes, templates and real projects will be covered under manual testing. At the same time, various tools related to testing and defect management, functional automation testing, web services and performance testing will be covered under automation. Exposure to Windows, Unix environment and similarly various programming languages including java will also be taught as a part of this course.

Career Opportunities

Software Testing or Quality Assurance is a major part of the IT industry and its worth is more than 30 Billion USD today. According to many industry analysts, it will touch the 50 Billion mark by 2020. In other words, one out of two jobs in the IT industry is in the testing and quality assurance sector. The present day HR trend is to hire trained freshers rather than going for experienced testers. Here is the significance to Master Software Testing training course.

Master of Software Testing Training Course Online

Comprehensive Master of Software Testing tutorials provided by industry professionals gives you the details of testing fundamentals, Industry trends, tools,  methodologies and automation tools. It also provides you with the necessary career guidance to help you start a good career. Other special features of this course are as follows;

No prior knowledge or experience is needed on software testing and the course will start from scratch.

Course Structure

Master of Software Testing (MoST) training course syllabus has been divided into several sections and they are as following. You should take a note that there will be a slight difference in the names of each section and the subject covered under each section from trainer to a trainer but the core will be one and the same.

  • Overview: – Under this section, you will be introduced to the courses, details about the course and authors. Other than that several most frequently asked questions from the trainees will also be discussed in this section.
  • Career Opportunities: – Under this section, details about career opportunities such as the prevailing trend in the industry, salaries paid to testers and the demand for testers in software industry etc will be discussed.
  • Basics: – Trainees will be introduced to software testing, myths prevailing in this sector, principles of testing etc..
  • Manual Testing: – Important concepts of Manual Testing will be discussed in this section. This includes types of testing, levels of testing, SDLC modules, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test Cases, Test Plan, STLC, and hands-on live projects for manual testing.
  • Functional Testing Automation: – Testing automation in QA is discussed in detail in this section. Study of testing tools like Selenium, HP QTP/UFT etc are included in this section. Hands on practice of live project will also be provided.
  • Database for Testers: – Database is an industry that demands a lot of skill. SQL, the base of backend testing will be taught in detail in this section along with a detailed study of tools such as MySQL, Oracle etc.
  • UNIX for Testers: – UNIX for selenium testing will be taught in detail. Thus, you can learn UNIX as another career option.
  • Data Management: – All about defects including defect identification, defect logging, defect tracking etc will be taught in detail with the help of live projects. There will be a detailed class on using the open source defect management tool Bugzilla.

Thus with this course, one can master all the technologies involved in software testing. Along with fresh graduates, testers, developers and non-IT professionals can also pursue this course for a bright future.

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