Know more about ISTQB certification Training

International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB, in short, is an international software test qualification Committee that issues certifications which are recognized worldwide.It is autonomous.A lot of people came I to the picture to give a valid certification given to the QA Team.Testing is a very important aspect of software, finding defects or issues with this only we can give bug-free application to the customer or End user.

  • ISTQB has 4,10,000 certifications in over 100 countries worldwide
  • 15000 certifications are there per quarter
  • This exam will be available in different languages
  • Software QA testers have more value because of this certification

There are 3 levels of  ISTQB certifications

The first level is called foundation level certificate.This is applicable to all the people who are having 5-6 years experience.

But one should get Test Lead, Test Analyst, Test Architect, Technical Analyst and Test Manager role then those people target the next level of ISTQB that is Advance level and people who are into the Test Manager, Test Director, Vice president they can target on the Expert level of ISTQB

ISTQB foundation level content contains totally 6 chapters.Each topic takes 4-5 sections
And the end of each topic they will conduct a mock test.Totally 3 mocks tests are there.They will provide a question bank which contains 500 questions.If you can do practice all the questions definitely we assured that you will get the success of 99%

We have some levels of questions are there k1,k2,k3 and k4.

  • K1 type questions are very easy and remember and recognize and recall
  • K2 type questions are you can understand the concept reason oriented multiple choice it contains which means out 4 option slike a,b,c and d options,you have to say correct answer and with a reason
  • K3 contains apply knowledge and use of that option
  • K4 contains Analysis part

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