Increasing Significances of Informatica Tutorials

Informatica is a software development company with its headquarters in California, the term Informatica is more often used to denote one of its most popular products Informatica Power Centre. In other words, the term “Informatica” represents Informatica Power Centre.

When you browse the internet you will come across a good number of Informatica tutorials and you might wonder what informatica is all about? This article is meant for clearing the doubts about Informatica and to spread more light on the application and the use of Informatica.

Introduction to Informatica

As mentioned earlier Informatica is a software development company offering different products for ETL, Data visualization, master data management etc. One of the most popular and widely used products is Informatica Power Centre and is used in data warehousing or as an ETL tool.

Data warehousing is the process to collect the data on a single platform in the desired format from different databases. This makes analysis of data easier, which is necessary for designing strategies and future planning.  Extraction, Transfer and Loading (ETL) tools are used for data warehousing and Informatica Power Centre is one of the most popular ETL tools. There are different versions of Informatica Power Centre and the latest version is 9.6.0.

Why do We Need Informatica

Today’s management depends a lot on data to make decisions and design strategies. For example if they need the data related to production, sales, customer feedback, area wise distribution of products etc to design the marketing strategy for the future. These details will be available from different sources. The production department will have the details of production and those related to sales will be available with the sales department. Area wise details may be available with regional offices.

If they are stored at different sources in different formats, it will be difficult for the management to analyse it to take a decision. The require all the data on a single platform. Similarly, the data may be stored in different formats at different sources and they all should be brought into a single format for analysis. Thus you can find the necessity of Informatica.

Informatica Tutorials

When the significance of data warehousing increased among the business community, the experts in ETL tools started enjoying a good demand. Informatica power centre, being the leading ETL tool in the world. The increase for Informatica experts is more. Responding to the need of the hour, many informatica tutorials have come up across the world. They are providing professional training to those who are interested to make a career in data warehousing along with providing chance to work on Informatica live projects.

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