.Net Framework Advantages and Disadvantages

.Net is a programming infrastructure for building, deploying and running applications. Microsoft created this network, and it is compatible with any requests and services using.NET technology including desktop applications and web services. .NET framework consists of three major components; Common Language Runtime, Framework Class Library, and ASP.NET.

Although .Net technology has made programming easy and faster; there is a lot of criticism about this application. Even then, it is widely used across the globe, and the expert in this sector have many career opportunities. Without going in depth into career opportunities, here, we are discussing more the advantages and disadvantages of Dot Net Framework.


  • With .NET framework, the quantity of codes used in large web applications can reduce.
  • As Windows conformation and configuration can obtain at each step of development, web applications developed in ASP.NET will be secured.
  • When you develop using Dot NET Framework, it provides WYSIWYG OR What You See Is What You Get.
  • Drag and Drop of automatic operations are possible it also provides server and blueprints.
  • Development is very secure in ASP .NET framework as HTML and source codes will be separated automatically.
  • The .net platform is a server sided technology hence Dot NET code will perform on the server before getting directed to the web server.
  • ASP Dot NET platform is multi-language compatible.


  • Applications running in managed environments may require more system resources compared to applications that access machine resources more directly.
  • Security is comparatively lesser and many familiar things can reveal as reverse engineering of codes is easy. However, many techniques have been developed to protect the privacy to a greater extent.
  • Time consumption may be more in some cases due to regularly occurring of garbage collection for reclaiming memory.
  • In the older versions of Windows, the framework may not be pre-installed. Hence it should be checked first and if not, you should follow the guidelines in the user manual.
  • Newer versions of frameworks are not at all pre-installed in any version of Windows.

Career Opportunities

Software development sector is experiencing a fast growth and according to market analysts, this trend will last for many years. Dot Net, being one of the most popular tools used for building, deploying and running applications, there will be a huge demand for the experts in Dot Net in the future. Certainly, there is a huge demand even today, but it will multiplicate in the coming years.

How to Get Expertise in .NET

There are many training providers for Dot Net technology. You should choose the best and the right one to learn. If you join with trainers who provides live project experience, you will get practical experience and at the same time, you can also learn the subject more deeply.

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