Difference between Test Strategy and Test Plan

At a time when software industry is growing fast, software testing has become mandatory and the testers are enjoying good career prospects in today’s world. When software testing has become a hot subject of discussion we used to hear two terms, “Test Strategy” and Test Plan” quite often. Those who are outside the testing sector might have confused a bit about these two terms and there are many people who treat these two words as synonyms. This article is meant for detailing the difference between the two. Read Test Strategy vs Test Plan.

What is Test Plan?

Scope of test, objective, method and weight on a software testing task will be documented and this document is called as Test Plan.

What is Test Strategy?

The set of guiding principles that regulates the tests is called as Test Strategy.

Test Strategy Vs Test Plan

Test Strategy

Test Plan

Test Strategy is a set of guidelines that determines on who to do the test needs and also explains the test design. Test plan is the document that defines scope of test, objective, method etc.
Objectives and scopes, Documentation formats, test processes, client communication strategy, reporting procedures etc are the components of Test Strategy. Test plan ID, features to be tested, test techniques, testing tasks, features fail or pass criteria, deliverables, responsibilities and schedule are the components of test plan.
Test Strategy will be carried out by the project manager and it will clearly say which method should be adopted and which all are the things to be tested. Test plan is totally under the responsibility of team manager or lead and it says when to test what to test and who to test.
It narrates the general approaches It narrates about the specifications
Test strategy, once fixed cannot be changed Test plan can be changed to suit changing requirements.
Test strategy is a long term action plan and even information that are not project specific but can be used in test can be abstracted It is done to determine possible issues and dependencies to determine the risk
In smaller projects, test strategy will often be a part of test plan Test plan always has an independent existence.
It is designed at organization level and can be used for multiple projects Test plan is designed project wise.

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