Details of Usability Testing and Usability Testing Tools

When software applications gained more significance on a day to day life, the significance of software testing has also increased. There are different types of software testing and usability testing is one among them.

Usability testing is used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing the same on real users. This is totally different from usability inspection where a team of expert testers uses various methods to evaluate a product from the perspective of end user but not involving a real end user.

There are many software usability testing tools and in software testing training courses, those tools will be taught in details.

Here are some most widely used usability testing tools

  • Crazy Egg: – A click based user experience tool
  • Optimizely: – A user-friendly A/B testing platform
  • Five Second Test: – Ultimate in budget usability testing
  • Qualaroo: – Making visitors to answer relevant questions and conducts real-time surveys.
  • Usabilla: -A comprehensive user experience package with many features.
  • Feedback Army: – With fast three step process for testing user experience.
  • UserFeel: – Offering usability testing in multiple languages.
  • TryMyUI: – Helps to test the site with anonymous reviewers or with own reviewers.

Software testing has become one of the flourishing careers in the modern world and hence there is a good demand for software testing training courses. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, there are several different types of software testing and not all will be taught in a single course.

There are designated courses for different types of testing such as ETL testing, Performance testing Usability testing and similarly, there are exclusive courses for many most widely used testing tools such as selenium testing training, QTP testing training etc.  Besides, these courses, there is software testing courses which deal with the testing comprehensively. In such courses, different types of software testing will be taught including manual testing.

Each type of testing has its own significance in the software industry and there is a demand for the experts also. You may select the best course based on your qualification, experience etc and can pursue it for a bright future.

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