Details of Selenium Advanced Level Training

At a time when the entire world is moving towards hundred percent digitization, software sector is really thriving and many new opportunities are coming up in this sector almost every day. Along with software developers, there is a huge demand for software testers also.

Unlike in the past, the software testing career is flourishing and at present testers too have many chances to grow in their profession. Testers are commanding respect in the industry and are well paid too. Hence, there is a flow of professionals from other domains to software testing career.

Selenium, the most widely used test automation tool in the world, has very good demand and there is a demand for selenium experts also. Hence, there is a rush for online Selenium training courses.

If you browse the internet you can see a good number of Selenium training video tutorials. You can rely on a few steps to select the best trainer.

  • Visit the official website of the trainers and go through the sample Selenium online training videos posted there to evaluate the quality of videos. Selenium videos constitute the major part of the study material and hence the quality of videos represents the quality of training to a greater extent.
  • Go through the sample Selenium interview questions posted on the website.
  • Attend all free webinars and free orientation sessions organized by different trainers. This will help you to asses the approach of different trainers towards training.
  • Take the help of the social media or related open discussion forums to get more information about the trainer, his or her track record and the reputation he enjoys among the job providers.

Once, you have selected the trainer, you can join the course. At first, you should pursue Selenium basic training course. In this course, you will be taught the basics of Selenium and the testing processes using selenium. After completing this course you will be able to work as a software engineer in the junior level.

Selenium advanced level training courses deal with more advanced features and functionalities of Selenium. Selenium can be incorporated with many other tools and frameworks for extended functionalities and these advanced level of technology will be taught in Selenium advanced level training courses.

Both in the basic level and in the advanced level, the trainees will have to undergo Selenium live project training. This is a practical session where all the trainees will get a chance to work on Selenium live projects along with the trainer as a team. Here the trainees are allowed to mention the work experience on their resume which will help them to get better opportunities based on experience.

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