Details of Master of Software Testing Training Courses

Software industry is registering a tremendous growth and it will grow further as more and more areas are being computerized across the world. Whenever a new sector is being computerized there is a need for new software applications to perform new functions.

As in the case of any other production process, testing is a vital process in software development to ensure a certain degree of quality. In a way, it is more important in the case of software applications as even a minute error may lead to severe issues and cause huge losses. This situation enhances the chances for software testers and hence there is a rush for online Master of Software Testing Training Courses.

Master of Software Testing training courses (MoST) as this training course is widely referred to as  is being offered by many software testing training providers and most of them are highly professional ones. When you join an online MoST training course, you will be provided with MoST training videos which depict the entire process of testing. The course includes training in manual testing and testing using different test automation tools. Apart from QA processes and details of several bug tracking tools. In other words, MoST training courses cover the software testing comprehensively.

When you join an online MoST tutorial, you will learn the entire testing processes with the help videos. Besides, the trainers will provide you chat facility to interact with them from time to time and to clear your doubts. Another attractive feature of online MoST training courses is that you will get a life time access to a discussion forum comprising of a good number of MoSt experts. You get a free lifetime access to MOST forum where you can clear your doubts through this community and also exchange new ideas about the subject.

You can develop healthy relations by actively participating in the community discussions which will help you in future when you are searching for a better job opportunity.

All the trainees will have to participate in MoST live project training towards the end of the course. Here, the trainees will work with the trainers and other MoST experts from different parts of the world as a team on live project. This will help them to learn the subject more vividly and also give them practical experience. Trainees can add this working experience that they gain with working on live projects during this training session in their resume which will help them in future while looking for a placement.

MoST Course Content

Although the syllabi may change a bit depending on the preferences of different trainers, the core course content will be one and the same. Most of the professional and well reputed trainers follow the pattern given below.

  • 1. Manual Testing + QA + Bugzilla + Jira + QC (25hrs)
  • 2. MS Office Basics + HTML (10hrs)
  • 3. SQL + Database Testing (15hrs)
  • 4. NoSQL (Part of MOST-VI Batch)
  • 5. Basic & Advanced HP QTP / UFT 12.51 (150hrs)
  • 6. Core Java (5hrs)
  • 7. Basic & Advanced Selenium (75hrs)
  • 8. Proactive Testing (12hrs)
  • 9. Informatica Power Center (20hrs)
  • 10. Live project Videos of QA & Selenium (25hrs)
  • 11. Mobile App Testing (35hrs)
  • 12. Placement Assistance:
  • a.Mock Interviews
  • b.Resume Guidance and Preparation
  • c.Placement Assistance (Work VISA required)
  • 13. Technical support, Group Discussions, Program completion Certificate Program

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