Details about VB.Net and C# Tutorial

.Net framework has gained more popularity and wide acceptance in the recent past and so the VB.Net and C#, the two primary programming languages commonly used to program on .net framework environment. Both the languages are functionally equivalent and have many structural similarities with many other popular programming languages such as Java, C++ etc.

At the same time, there are many differences between the two languages. When C# is case sensitive, is not. Besides, keywords are different in each language. Some other major differences are as follows.

  • In C# the variables are declared using declarators while in VB.Net they are declared using keywords.
  • An object can be created in C# only using “New” while in VB.Net it is possible by “New” as well as “CreateObject()”.
  • In C# void is considered a return type when no value is returned by a method but in VB.Net, “Sub” in used to indicate that the method does not return any value.
  • No keyword is needed to indicate overloaded method in C# while Overload keyword is necessary for VB.Net.
  • The pointer is used to refer the current object in C# whereas the current object is referred to “me” in
  • The nonvirtual call cannot be made in C# while it is possible in VB.Net using “My Class”.
  • Class, type, and struct are used in C# to declare compound data type while it is done using a structure in VB.Net.
  • Initialization of an object is done using constructors in c# whereas it is done using “Sub New()”
  • The destructor is used for object cleanup in C# and it is done using finalize method in VB.Net.
  • An object can be modified in C# in an asynchronous way whereas it is not possible in VB.Net.
  • Variables should be declared in C# before using in C# where in VB.Net they can be forced for explicit declaration.

Although there are many other differences, these are the major differences. The data type differences and operators differences will be taught in detail in VB.Net and c# tutorials.

VB.Net and C# tutorial will provide live project training also to help the students to understand both the languages in depth. At a time when the demand for experts in both these languages increased, the demand for VB.Net and c# tutorial has also increased.

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