Detailed Test Scenarios of Youtube

YouTube has become the most popular site for video uploading and viewing. When it became a good revenue generating site, the number of people uploading videos has also increased considerably. Here in this chapter, we are discussing the test scenarios of YouTube. The test scenarios of YouTube can be divided into two categories such as test scenarios of video uploader functionality and the test scenarios of video viewing functionality.

Test Scenarios of YouTube Uploader Functionality

  • Ensure that the user can upload single video in the allowed formats and size successfully.
  • Ensure that the user should select the license of the video and its type along with other attributes such as name, company, artist’s name etc while uploading the video.
  • Ensure that there is a size limit for the video to be uploaded and when the user tries to upload videos with larger than permitted size, an error message will be displayed.
  • Verify if there is any minimum size for the videos to be uploaded. If yes, make it sure that an error message will be displayed while uploading a video which is smaller in size than the prescribed minimum limit.
  • Check which all are the allowed formats of videos to be uploaded and make it sure that an error message will be displayed when tried to upload videos in other formats.
  • Verify whether an error message is displayed when a blank file is uploaded or not.
  • Make it sure that the user can upload multiple videos in permitted formats and sizes.
  • Make it sure that the user will get notification about the comments on videos uploaded by them.
  • Verify whether the users are can see the likes and comments on videos they uploaded.
  • Check whether the users can reply to the comments posted on the video uploaded by them or not.

Test Scenarios for Video Viewing Functionality

  • Ensure that the video page can be opened using a direct link to the video.
  • Ensure that the video starts playing by clicking on the play icon on the video.
  • Verify whether all the video player controls such as play, pause, volume, mute etc are functioning properly or not.
  • Make it sure that the video is searchable by name.
  • Ensure that the user can select the permitted video quality while playing it.
  • Ensure that replaying of video is possible by using “Replay” icon
  • Make it sure that the other attributes of the video such as artist’s name, description etc are also searchable.
  • Ensure that the user will get auto suggestions while searching a video.
  • Ensure that the search results will display the name of the video, thumbnails, viewers count, length of video etc.
  • Make it sure that the user can reach the video by clicking on the thumbnail in the search result.
  • Ensure that sorting options such as view count, upload date etc are available while searching.
  • Make it sure that the viewer can see the view count, likes, dislikes etc.
  • Check whether the view count increases by one with each view
  • Also ensures that the number of like or dislike will increase by one when the user click on that once.
  • Check whether the user is able to comment in the comment column or not.
  • Verify whether the user is provided with related videos in the sidebar or not.
  • Make it sure that the related videos are selected based either on the current video or the history of search of the user.
  • Ensure that the video will open when clicking on the thumbnail of the related video.
  • Ensure that only those users who log in to the YouTube account can view those videos which have certain age limit for the viewers.
  • Make it sure that the logged in user can see their history and recommended videos in the user page.
  • Make it sure that each video viewed by the user will go to the history of the visitor.
  • Check whether the user is able to view or delete the history.

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