Top 9 Cross Browser Testing Tools In 2017

Different people use different browsers and an application should be compatible with different browsers to have maximum users. Cross browser testing is hence important and there are many tools to check the cross browser compatibility of the app.

Here is the list of top 9 Cross Browser Testing Tools in 2017


This tool can be used for synchronized tests of scrolls, clicks, reloads and all form inputs across all connected devices. Superior, built-in inspector helps to get to the bottom of any issue. It can fix the code by connecting to Java or DOM. Mac OS x and Windows versions are available and no setup is required.

Download Ghostlab here

Sauce Labs

It is one of the leading cloud based cross browser testing tools and it allows to test your web and mobile applications. It is compatible with more than 260 browser platforms and devices. No VM setup of maintenance is required. Access to live points helps to take the control of the system and investigate the issues manually. Tests can be listed in the chronological order with all the details about the tests including runtime, testing platform etc.

Download Sauce Labs here


This tool permits to do web based browser testing on desktop and mobile browser. It is also a cloud based tool and hence no installation is required. It tests the web pages from remote locations. It is compatible with opera mobile, Android, Windows (XP, 7 and 8), iOS, OSX snow leopard, lion and mountain lion, etc.

Download Browserstack here


Browsershots is another open source cross browser testing tool that is used widely. It is compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems and allows to take screenshots in almost 61 browsers and different operating systems. Many customization options such as Operating system, browser type, color depth, javascript type flash enable or disable etc are available in Browsershots for running cross compatibility tests.

Download Browsershots here

IE NetRenderer

This is the easiest tool for cross browser testing. All you have to do is to select any version of IE and enter the URL you want to check. Screenshots of the pages being processed will be available. Large number of requests can be processed in real time and there is no delay. This is ideal for quick testing and also for pixel by pixel comparison of web pages in different versions of IE.

Download IE NetRenderer here


This tool was earlier known as Spoon.Net and it is actually an open source browser sandbox for deploying or testing different versions of current, beta or legacy web browsers and there is no need to maintain cumbersome virtual machines. Multiple tests can be run side by side without any conflict as the applications are run in separate sandboxes.  However, it does not support Linux.

Download Turbo.Net here

IE Tab

This tool allows you to view a webpage in different browsers without switching from one browser to the other. However, it is not available for Firefox 6.0 and further versions. It supports all internet configurations and will automatically check that if a web page should be displayed on IE or not.

Download IE Tab here

Cross Browser Testing

It has a wide range of browsers and their different versions. It supports many Operating systems also. It works with over 1000 combinations of different browsers and operating systems including some mobile browsers. It is a commercial cross browser testing tool and it is the most popular one among the commercial tools.

Download Cross Browser Testing here

Super Preview

Super Preview, a cross browser testing tool from Microsoft which helps you to compare different rendering engines in a single unified interface.

Download Super Preview here

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