Big Data Hadoop Training Courses

At a time when the IT sector is experiencing tremendous growth both in terms of business as well as technical, Big Data Hadoop training course is being heard quite often. The term Hadoop and big data should be understood well before knowing more about the training courses.

Evolution of Hadoop

Hadoop is a software framework which is an open source and used for storing data and running applications on clusters of commodity hardware. It has the great processing power and it can provide storage to any big data. It also has the ability to handle virtually unlimited parallel jobs and tasks.

During the evolution of World Wide Web, many indexes and search engines were created to find relevant information from text-based content. In the early stages, it was purely a human act. However, as the number of web pages increased to millions, automation became necessary and web crawlers were created.

During this period, two projects for web search engines were going on and both of them were about the same concept. Both of them were working on the idea of returning web search results quicker by distributing the calculations and data to different computers. One among them was Google and the other was an open source web search engine called Nutch.

Later, Doug Cutting, the man behind Nutch joined Yahoo and took the project along with him. There the project was divided into two different parts, where the web crawler portion remained as Nutch and the distributed computing and processing portion was named as Hadoop.

Big Data

Big Data is a collection of extremely large data sets that cannot be processed by traditional techniques of computing. In real time, big data is not just data but a collection of many tools, techniques, and frameworks. It contains data produced by different devices and applications. And  given below are few of the fields that come under the Big Data,

  • Black Box Data: – It is an important part of airplanes, recording the voice of the flight crew.
  • Social Media Data: – A large number of users are there in social media including Facebook and Twitter. A collection of millions of opinions and views posted by the users contribute a big data.
  • Stock Exchange Data: – Buying and Selling decisions made on the shares of different companies contribute to stock exchange data.
  • Power Grid Data: – The information consumed by a specific node with respect to the basic station comes under this category.
  • Transport Data: – Details of vehicles such as model, capacity, availability etc are included under this category.
  • Search Engine Data: – Vast quantity of data is derived from various databases.

Thus, big data includes a huge volume of data. This data can be divided into three different categories.

  • Structured Data
  • Semi-structured Data
  • Unstructured Data

Now the two terms “Hadoop” and “Big Data” must have been understood clearly with the significance. There are many opportunities for experts in this sector which will increase further in the near future. In order to meet the increasing demand for professionals in this sector, many experts have come up with big data Hadoop training courses. Most of the Hadoop training courses are online courses and will be conducted with the help of videos and other study materials.

All big data Hadoop courses will begin with an introduction of big data Hadoop training which will cover the subject in detail. Most of the professional trainers will also provide a chance to work on live projects.

Career Opportunities

Data is more important in any type of business and the data should be managed properly to derive maximum benefit out of it. Here is the importance of experts in Hadoop to manage big data. There are several opportunities and according to many industry analysts, it will increase in the near future. A Hadoop training course will certainly help you grab new opportunities to achieve new heights in your career.

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