Automation Testing and Manual Testing; A Comparison

In the present day world, software applications have great significance as they are being used to perform many days to day functions. Right from ordering a meal to transfer of huge funds are being done with a click of the mouse or with the help of a cell phone. In such a situation, it is necessary to make sure that the software applications are working perfectly. Even a minor fault or a defect can end up in great revenue losses.

Here is the need to test each and every software application. The testing is not limited to a single time before launching but it is a continuous process and should be done at regular intervals and also after each upgradation made to it. In the early years of software development, manual testing was the only way to test the software applications.

Manual testing was a tedious effort involving huge manpower and it consumes a lot of time too. Later, many test automation tools have been invented. Even at the time of automated tests, manual tests are recommended and are done in many cases. In other words, manual testing still has significance. This article is meant for comparing manual testing and automation testing. This Automated Vs manual testing will provide you more information about both types of testings.

Automation Testing

Manual Testing

The same operation will be performed each time and the result will be accurate Not reliable and cannot expect accurate result all the time.
It supports regressions in testing where frequent code changes are needed. Manual testing for the first time is good but it may not catch regression defects under frequently changing requirements.
Automation testing is recommended when a set of test cases are to be executed frequently. Manual testing is ideal for testings that are to executed for a single time.
After making test suites, less manpower is needed to execute the test. Even after making test suites, same number of testers are required to execute the test.
It can be done in different machines and on different OSs concurrently. Manual testing in different machines and on different OSs is not possible concurrently.
Test automation can be used to test even complicated applications also. Difficult to test complex software applications using manual testing.
Tests can be completed faster than it is completed in manual testing. Comparatively slower than automation testing.
It may not be useful for UI testing at some time. Highly useful for UI testing
It is useful for build verification testing or BVT and it can be done easily Build verification testing or BVT is a difficult task to perform using manual testing.
Initial cost is high but may proved to be highly useful in the long run It is comparatively cheaper than test automation.

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