An Introduction to Selenium Advanced Level Training

Selenium is the most widely used test automation tool for testing web based applications. Many of its special features have taken this tool well ahead of its competitors. Some of the major features are the following.

  • Selenium is free and is an open source tool and hence there is no need to pay either for the license or for maintaining
  • A vast community experts are available round the clock to provide technical support.
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms and multiple browsers.
  • It supports many programming languages including java, C#, Python and Ruby.
  • It is faster than many licensed tools such as QTP

When selenium being used widely, the demand for selenium experts have increased and many selenium training online programs have come up. Selenium testing videos will be provided as study materials in these courses and hence they are popularly known as selenium online video tutorials.

Basically, there are two types of Selenium training videos tutorials, basic and advanced level training courses. The basic level is aimed at beginners who wish to make a testing career. Anybody with a basic knowledge in software can join in the selenium basic level course but one has to successfully complete the basic level course to join in selenium advanced level training.

Selenium training videos provided during selenium advanced level training program will deal more with the advanced aspects of selenium technology. It includes incorporation of selenium with other tools, using different testing frameworks for testing using selenium etc. As the programming languages are taught in the basic level, there will not be anything related to languages in selenium advanced level training courses.

As in the case of basic level course, there will be selenium live project training in the advanced level also. During this session, the trainees will work on live project as a team along with trainers and other selenium experts. The live project offered in this course will be of advanced level. This will help the students to learn the subject in deep and also to get more practical knowledge.

As you are already aware, selenium interview questions is a part of study materials of all selenium courses. In selenium advanced level training courses, advanced selenium interview questions will be provided which can be used as referral books for immediate references in future.

If you have completed the basic level course, you should go for selenium advanced level training course also. Then only you can be a perfect selenium tester and can climb new heights in your career.

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