An Introduction to Informatica

When a company produces a good number of products, it happens very rarely that only one of the product will be identified with the name of the company quite often. This is what happened in the case of Informatica.

Informatica Tutorial : What is Informatica?

Informatica is one of the leading software development companies in the world and it provides many data integration products such as ETL, data masking, data quality, data replica, data virtualization, master data management etc. Out of these many products, Informatica Powercentre, which is an ETL/ data integration tool is widely popular and it is popularly known as “Informatica”. In other words, whenever the term “Informatica” is used, it will be about the Informatica Powercentre in most cases. Thus, a single product is being identified with the name of the company.

Informatica is a data integration tool and it has the ability to collect data from various heterogeneous sources and to integrate them into a third platform. Informatica has three different editions such as Standard Edition, Advanced Edition and Premium Edition. The latest version of Informatica is 9.6.0.

Why We Need Informatica?

As mentioned earlier, Informatica is used for data integration. Data has an important role in the decision making. A pool of data from different sources are to be stored in a single platform and the same should be analysed thoroughly before coming into any conclusion.

For example, a business organization needs to have details such as sales details, production details, stock details etc to design a foolproof marketing plan. In this case, these details will be stored in different systems and probably in different formats which makes analysis a difficult task. Entire data should be converted to a single format and should be stored on a single platform. This process of extracting data from different heterogeneous sources, transforming the data to a desired format and loading in a single platform is known as data warehousing and the tools used for data warehousing is called as ETL tools.

When the significance of data warehousing is increasing in the modern day business management, demand for ETL tools such as Informatica Powercentre is also increasing.

Informatica Tutorial

When the demand for experts in ETL tools such as Informatica increased, many tutorials have come up to create more professionals in this domain. There are many Informatica Training online courses also which allows working professionals to learn the topic without leaving their present job.

You can find quite a good number of Informatica tutorials online if you browse through internet. When you join  in such courses, you will be provided with Informatica videos which will depict the entire process of Extraction, Transformation and loading step by step. Towards the end of the course you will get an opportunity to work on Informatica live projects to gain more practical experience.

According to many HR experts, the demand for Informatica experts will be more in the near future. This is the right time to join in any Informatica tutorial and to learn the topic to avail good opportunities coming the future.

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