All about Performance Testing

Quality testing of any software is very important and latest technologies have been introduced in this sector to ensure foolproof testing. Whether it is performance testing or load testing, testing automation tools are available to avoid human errors and to execute the testing within a short span of time easily.

There are many experts who offer performance testing training and training in other types of testings to create more and more professionals in this sector.

Performance Testing

It is done to ascertain the performance of the components of a system when given a particular situation. It is also executed to test the resource usage, reliability, and scalability of the product.

It will take care of performance related issues in the design and architecture of the software.

There will be certain industry defined benchmarks and a set of standards for each application and the prime goal of this test is to see whether the product meets these benchmarks and the set of standards.

Why Performance Testing is Important

Nowadays performance of a website or an application is very important. A recent survey has revealed that about 57% of the visitors abandon the site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Similarly, increased “Net Downtime” and other technical issues may cause loss of millions of dollars per hour. Given below is the importance of performance Online testing.

Performance Testing Training

Usually, any professional performance testing training course teaches about test scripts and test assets. Advanced teaching methodologies will be used by expert trainers to teach the subject in detail.

When you choose the most professional and reputed performance testing training courses online, you will get a chance to participate in live projects.

This will help you earn experience and also add more experience to your resume. Usually, the curriculum of performance testing training courses include the following subjects.

  • Introduction to Performance
  • Requirements collection
  • Performance Testing Planning
  • Protocols,
  • Different types of performance testings
  • Sniffing tools
  • Introduction to Loadrunner
  • Components of LoadRunner
  • C-classes
  • Different Modes of recording
  • Runtime Settings
  • Scripting Enhancements
  • Logs
  • Executing Scenario using Controller
  • Setting up the Monitors
  • Analyzing Results
  • Real time Exposure
  • Components in Silk Performer
  • Silk Performer workBench
  • Workloads
  • Silk Performer Explorer
  • Reporting

Career Opportunities for Performance Testers

Most important thing any user will look for in any system will be its performance. Once the system is live, it is a great task to test the performance and by this time many users might have had a bad experience.

When the system is being tested using the expertise of many manual testers, it may take more time and also cost more.

Hence most of the developers prefer performance testing professionals who can use many tools to perform the tests quickly and by engaging less number of experts.

Moreover, the cost for the testing will also be less when professional performance testers are hired. Hence, most of the developers across the globe prefer experts in performance testing.

Another thing that indicates the increasing demand for professionals in performance testing is the fact that the average and above average IT companies are allocating 35% of their budget for testing.

According to industry analysts, it will be increased to 40% by 2018. 63% of the existing testers are agreeing that they execute performance testing and 52% of them are using testing tools to execute the tests.

The forecast in the job market is also showing a sudden growth in the demand for experts in performance testing.

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