Advantages of Informatica Training Online Courses

Although Informatica is the name of a software development company which has developed many software applications and tools, presently Informatica is more often used to indicate one of their tools, Informatica Powercenter.

Informatica Powercenter is widely used to extract, transform and load data . It is one of the most popular and widely accepted ETL tool used for data warehousing.

Informatica Training courses details

If you browse the internet, you will find a good number of online training courses. Most of these courses are conducted by professional trainers with vast industry experience. When you join the course they will provide you study materials. In most cases, Informatica Powercenter videos will be the major part of the study materials.

The entire process of extraction, transformation and loading will be depicted in these videos with the help of supporting infographics. Detailed course contents will be as follows.

  1. PL-SQL commands and overview.
  2. What are ETL Testing and Informatica and the importance in the IT industry?
  3. Informatica Architecture
  4. Configuration of client , repositories
  5. Source Analyzer, Target Designer
  6. How to create mapping?
  7. How to create a workflow?
  8. How to monitor workflow and check session logs?
  9. Transformations: Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Rank, Reusable, Normalizer and various other transformations and concepts.
  10. Other concepts.

Towards the end of the course, the students will have to attend Informatica live project training which is aimed at providing practical knowledge to the trainees. This session will be helpful for the beginners to understand the atmosphere of teamwork as they will have to work as a team with the trainers and other experts from across the world.

During the training and during the live project, the trainees can communicate with the trainer through chat facility and this certainly will provide the feeling of learning the subject of an in-class course. Besides, as soon as you join in an Informatica training online course, you will be given a lifelong access to a vast community of experts. This community can also be used to clear off your doubts and solve your issues with Informatica.

Career Opportunities

As mentioned earlier,it is a widely used ETL tool and ETL tools are used in data processing. Data processing is a process to extract data from different databases, transform the same to a required format and load in a single platform. This is highly necessary for analyzing data.

Data analysis has gained enormous importance in modern management as all crucial decisions are made based on data analysis. Hence, there is a huge demand for data warehousing personals. Apart from regular jobs, one can work as a freelancer and earn decent income too. Hence mastering ETL tools can take you to new heights.

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