Within last two or three decades, the entire world has witnessed a lot of changes in different areas of life, right from the lifestyle to the food habits. This period…

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Job Placement Online Training Courses


Entire world is moving towards hundred percent digitization and the software applications have made life easier and smoother. Many things in our day to day life can be done just…

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Selenium Webdriver

Job Placement Online Training Courses

Software industry is thriving as the world is moving towards complete digitization. More and more software applications are being developed everyday to meet the new requirements. When the industry is…

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Agile Testing Training

The term Agile Testing is quite frequently used in the discussions about software testing. In order to know what is agile testing, you should know what is agile first. This…

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Agile Testing Training

Testing software applications is an integral part of software development and software testers play a very important role in the software industry. In the early stages of software development, manual…

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Automation Framework

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A software application should be tested thoroughly before making it usable. Different aspects of the application should be tested. It should be tested for its scalability, reliability, consistency and overall…

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Security Testing Training

When more areas are being digitized, there is a need to ensure a certain level of quality in software applications. Otherwise, there will be a lot of havoc and the…

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