Automation Testing

Know More About Node. JS Node.JS is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment which executes JavaScript code server side. In other words, Node. JS is a platform built on the JavaScript…

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Automation Testing

An Introduction to Selenium     Over a period of time, Selenium became the most widely used testing tool in the world. In the era of new concepts such as…

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Automation Testing

Automation Testing

ISTQB Certification

International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB, in short, is an international software test qualification Committee that issues certifications which are recognized worldwide.It is autonomous.A lot of people came I…

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Selenium IDE commands, is also known as Selenese. These are a set of commands that are used in Selenium IDE which is used while testing web based applications. There are…

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Automation Testing Testing Tools

Selenium webdriver is being used most widely to test web based applications around the world and at a time when more web applications are being developed, the demand for selenium…

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Selenium Webdriver