AnyAUT Certified Tester 7-Hours Free Training


Core Idea : A beginner level training that helps kick start a career in IT and Software Testing.

Intent : To get users evaluate and learn as an Automation Testing tool, and later upgrading your skill on Selenium and Core Java will be fairly easy.

Date and Time : 6th to 21st March, 2017. From 6:30-8:00 PM PT.
Date and Time : 7th to 22nd March, 2017. From 8:00-9:30 AM IST.

AnyAUT Certified Tester 7-Hours Free Training Videos

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  • Foundation level training for Software Testing.
  • Perfect fit for those looking to enter IT industry.
  • Perfect course for beginners and QA Engineers who plan to move to Automation.
  • Learning Automation Testing as a Selenium Developer, will become fairly easy.
  • Become an AnyAUT Certified Tester.
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    Training content

    Topic Presenter Duration (mnts) Day(1 hour per day)
    What is S/W Testing? Why is QA important? Why is QA evergreen? Can you do it? Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Intro to Manual Testing. Roles of Developers, QA, BA, Management, Users, Stakeholders. Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Difference between Agile and Waterfall models of SDLC. Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Creating Test Plan, Test Cases, Use Cases, Test Data. Karthik Kosireddi 15 1
    Understanding Defects, Defect Tracking, Defect Life Cycle and Traceability Matrix. Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    Understanding Functional, Regression and UI Testing for Web Apps. Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    Building a more robust Excel Template to store Test Cases. Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    Intro to Automation Testing. What are E R A? Karthik Kosireddi 15 2
    HP UFT/QTP Basics. Record and Run. Object Repository. Karthik Kosireddi 15 3
    HP UFT/QTP. VB Script Customizations. Test Results. Karthik Kosireddi 15 3
    Selenium IDE basics and Element Identification Karthik Kosireddi 30 3
    Java, JUnit with Selenium WebDriver Basics. Karthik Kosireddi 30 4
    Selenium VS HP UFT/QTP
    Karthik Kosireddi 15 4
    Automation Frameworks. Data-Driven, Keyword Driven, Page Object Model, Page Factory. Karthik Kosireddi 15 4
    What is RobotFramework? . Karthik Kosireddi 15 5
    What is AnyAUT? Why AnyAUT?. Karthik Kosireddi 15 5
    Mastering AnyAUT Excel Template. Karthik Kosireddi 30 5 Web App. Create a sample project implementation. Karthik Kosireddi 120 6&7
    AnyAUT Practice Project. Team Members 180 Offline
    AnyAUT Real Project. Team Members 180 Offline
    Total Training Hours. 420
    Total Project Hours 360
    Total Course. 780

    Training Features


    7 Hours


    - Anyone looking for an IT job.
    - Basics of MS Office (MS Word and MS Excel)

    Ideal Trainees

    - Non IT
    - Manual Testers
    - Job Seekers
    - Automation Testers
    - Business Analyst


    - Totally Free Training
    - Great learning for beginners to IT
    - A good step towards advanced training
    - Free Certification

    AnyAUT Tester Certification Steps

  • Attend 7 hours free AACT training
  • Pass AnyAUT Certified Tester Exam
  • Implement AnyAUT in a real-time project
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