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  • Trainer : Karthik
  • Date: 23rd July
  • Timings: 7:00AM Pacific
  • The courses/topics covered include :
  • - Manual QA, AnyAUT TestManagement, Intro to JIRA and Trello
    - Understanding Web Apps. Fundamentals of HTML and CSS.
    - Selenium IDE, Katalon IDE.
    - Element Identification(XPath, CSS, Dynamic). Mastering Inspect Element.
    - Writing Tests ready for Automation Test in AnyAUT Web Front End.
    - Manual to Automation Testing. Understanding ERA.
    - How Efficiency, Reusability and Accuracy play vital role in the ROI of Test Automation.
    - All about Software Test Automation Frameworks.
    - Executing an Automation Test Runs using AnyAUT Selenium Engine.
    - Understanding Extent Reports for Defects and Run Dashboards.
    - Test Project for practice in a team environment.
    - Certification: LIVE project + Certification Test on AACT (AnyAUT Certified Tester)
    - Certified Students will get massive discounts for PREMIUM training"

  • Trainer : Karthik
  • Date: 10th July
  • Timing: 7.30 PM Pacific
  • - Introduction
  • - Warming Up
  • - Expanding Our Knowledge
  • - Functions
  • - Data Structures
  • - Files and Directories
  • - Exceptions
  • - Classes Objects (OOPS concepts)
  • - Regular Expressions
  • - XLRD parser
  • - Simple parser to parse the XLS file using python module XLRD.

  • Trainer : Karthik
  • Date: 11th July
  • Timing: 8.00 AM Pacific
  • POM and PF using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG. CI/CD with Jenkins, Maven, Git/GitHub

  • Trainer : Karthik
  • Date: 7th Aug
  • Timing: 7.30 PM Pacific
  • Courses Included:
  • - Selenium Introduction
  • OOPs concepts, C#.NET, HTML, CSS, XPATH
  • Selenium IDE and WebDriver Introduction
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Identifying UI Elements (Locators)
  • Framework development