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Basic : QA Fundamentals, Agile, HP ALM,Trello, JIRA, AACT  

Advanced : Selenium, Java, JUnit/TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, BDD, Automation Frameworks, AnyAUT  

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LIVE - Karthik's Technical Panel Discussion Hyderabad Chapter, 7th Jan 2018 @ 5:00PM (IST)

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 24th Jan 2018 @ 6:00 PM PST  

25th Jan 2018 @ 7:30 AM IST

JPACT Day 02 Demo Session - Free

Trainer : Karthik & Shankar

Overview : An evolved training master program on industry driven Software Test Automation skills that also provides you with a valuable Certificate giving you credibility on your acquired knowledge.

Prerequisites : Member of ITeLearn

Courses/Topics Include :  

- Manual Testing - Test Management Tools (HP ALM, JIRA, Bugzilla) - Selenium WebDriver with Core Java - AnyAut Test Automation Framework (certification course) - Agile Testing concepts - Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, BDD - Robot Framework & Python


  7th Feb 2018 @ 4:45 PM - 6:15 PM PST  

8th Feb 2018 @ 6:15 AM - 7:45 AM IST

Selenium + Java + Junit + TestNG + Frameworks - Free  

Trainer : Mahesh  

Overview : Selenium is still the #1 sought after skill in the Software Testing world. And that acceptance is very important. Having the right skill and words in your profile like WebDriver, Java/JUnit, Frameworks, Grid etc will significantly give your career a healthy push.Hence, if you need to pick one tool that you really need to put your investment into, the recommendation is Selenium. 

Courses/topics covered include :  

- Selenium IDE - Java Language & Junit Frameworks - Selenium WebDriver - TestNg Framework - Selenium Grid - Data Base Testing Selenium - Page Object Model/Page Factory - Data Driven Framework 

CSDT+ 2 Days Workshop Hyderabad Chapter & Orientation Session - Free 

Trainer : Karthik

Overview : An advanced level training that will help upgrade knowledge and skills to become successful in software testing.

Prerequisites : Member of ITeLearn  

Training Info :  

- Methodologies - Programming & Scripting Languages - Testing Tools - Frameworks - AnyAUT - Reporting Tools - Bug Tracking Tools - Database 

Past Free Webinars


JPACT interview help and next steps - Free 60 mins webinar (by Karthik) 

live project

Live Project 2.0 (QA, Selenium, UFT and Mobile App Testing) Paid Sessions (by Karthik) 


Selenium Live Training  


AnyAUT Certified Developer Orientation (by Karthik Kosireddi)  


Manual to Automation in 4 weeks  


QA Live Training (JPACT-IV and CSDT-II Batch)  


QTP/UFT Live Training  

JPACT Interview Preparations and Next Steps  


Selenium Live Project Session  


AnyAUT Peach Development Internship Program 


Free 5 hour training AnyAUT Certified Tester Training (by Karthik Kosireddi)


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