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Terms of Service

Video and Member area Access

  • Videos are hosted on a secure location for limited period of time.
  • Videos should not be downloaded, edited, copied or forwarded in any way.
  • Members area is not to be accessed from different locations and IP addresses.
  • Videos require additional software and plugins. You will need to make necessary system changes to make them play.
  • Accessing videos from multiple locations will trigger an alert and may lead to suspension or termination of your access with or without a notice and explanation.

Refund Policy

  • ZERO REFUND POLICY. As our prime service offering is software based, refunds are not entertained after the payment.
  • If there are any challenges in attending sessions as previously agreed, you can request for a change in the batch and appear for a new one in future.

Software Policy

  • You will be provided instructions and guidance on installations of all required software.
  • However, any license or related laws and charges are the complete responsibility of the participant and not of Varkasa Inc or its operating members.

For any further questions, please contact

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