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Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming Online Tutorials

All Chapters :

01-Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming Live Training Free videos (Orientation, Day-01 & Day-02)

Chapter 1: Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming Live Training Free videos

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Day-01 : Topic on “Selenium IDE, Automation Testing Basics and Element Identification

Day-02 :
– Write our own Test Case in Selenium IDE
– Convert/change format the code into Python program for Selenium Webdriver
– Tools that are needed to be installed as part of our further learning
– Run a simple script using Python, Selenium Webdriver, Eclipse IDE.

Day-03 : Data driven framework, Web driver and Python
– Understanding how Python works as a programming language
– Concepts about automation and Selenium Web driver

Chapter 2: Selenium WebDriver + Robot Framework + Python Programming Live Training Videos

Day-04 : Basics Of Python, Installation and Configuration of Python and Pydev in Eclipse. Basics Hello World Program. Loop Programming (For While loop) Conditional Programming (If else statements)

Day-05 : Data Structures –
Lists – Creating Lists, Fetching Lists, Modifying Values in the Lists, Nested Lists
Dictionaries – Creating Dictionaries, Modifying Dictionaries, Deleteing Values in Dictionaries,
Nested Dictionaries

Day-06 : Introduction to Interaft application, Application under test, Selenium Webdriver Concepts
Different Element Locating mechanism(Id, xpath,). Writing and executing Basic Selenium webdriver script to execute
Login Test case of Interaft application.
Day-07 : Getting Subject of Interaft Notifications. Using find_elements and nested methods to get multiple elements of same type and get text of the element
Day-08 : XLRD Python Module to parse the excel sheet, Data Driven Framework,Selenium scripts to run scripts in data driven manner
Day-09 : Introduction to Robot Framework, Architecture, Test Libraries, Installation and COnfiguration of Robot Framework and plugin in Eclipse
Day-10 : Basic Hello World Program using Robot file. *** Settings ***, ***Testcases***,***Keywords***, pybot command to run test scripts, Analysis of the Reports

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September 25, 2016
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