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This HP QuickTest Professional training program has been specifically designed and perfected for a beginner to advanced level professional. Karthik’s QTP Training has 3 simple focus areas:
Awesome course content
Amazing teaching
Job and real-time project focused.

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1 Year QTP Premium Subscription includes:
  • 100+ hours of detailed HQ Videos from basic to advanced QTP
  • 5 Fast Track QTP Training videos: 15 hours x 5 of a quick but detailed overview to QTP with 5+ LIVE projects
  • Life-Time Access to QTP Discussion forums
  • Email and Forum based Technical Support
  • Access to QTP Scripts, PDF’s, Interview Questions, Assignments etc…

  • Note:
    QTP chapter topics have mostly been picked from Live webinars and flow for each topic is usually different. For example the application in chapter 2 will be different from the application shown in chapter 1 and may lack continuation.While there may be a feel of a break in continuation please note that the intent of this specific topic is to give a good in-depth overview of the topic listed. Hence please focus on the topic that you are currently watching and not as a continuation from the previous chapter.
    IF you choose to go through the entire course in one continuous flow please refer to the fast track.These fast tracks are a shorter version covering the most important aspects of the tutorial

    QTP Recorded Topics (50+ Hours)
    Chapter Content Videos
    1. QTP and VB Script Fundamentals 6 videos, 6 hours.
    2. QTP Actions and QTP Checkpoints 3 videos, 3 hours.
    3. VB Script Functions and Read and Write from MS Excel 3 videos, 3 hours.
    4. QTP Data Driven Framework – 1 (using R/W from Excel) 9 videos, 8.5 hours.
    5. QTP Data Driven Framework – 2 (using Arrays) 6 videos, 6 hours.
    6. Descriptive Programming, Smart Identification, AOM 4 videos, 3.5 hours.
    7. QTP Working with Dynamic Applications 4 videos, 3.5 hours.
    8. QTP Error Handling, Recovery Scenarios, Environment Variables 5 videos, 4 hours.
    9. QTP Keyword-Driven Framework 1 (using shared object repository) 2 videos, 2 hours.
    10. QTP Keyword Driven Framework 2 (using Descriptive Programming) 6 videos, 6 hours.
    11. QTP Hybrid and other Frameworks 5 videos, 4 hours.
    12. QTP Database Testing DotNetFactory and MS Word 3 videos, 2.5 hours.
    13. FSO, Strings, Shell Scripting, Mercury Device Replay, Recordings, Virtual objects 3 videos, 2.5 hours.
    14. QTP Interview, Resume and QTP Project Guidance 4 videos, 2.5 hours.
    15. QTP and QC Integration 1 video, 0.5 hours.

    QTP Fast Track (15 hours * 5)
    Fast Track Option 1: http://www.itelearn.com/qtp-tutorial-videos/qtp-live-n3
    Fast Track Option 2: http://www.itelearn.com/qtp-tutorial-videos/qtp-live-f22
    Fast Track Option 3: http://www.itelearn.com/qtp-tutorial-videos/qtp-live-n27
    Fast Track Option 4: http://www.itelearn.com/live-training/qtp-11-live-training
    Fast Track Option 5: http://www.itelearn.com/live-training/qtp-uft-11-5-live-sessions

    Interview Questions? Check our QTP Interview Questions

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    Frequently Asked Questions – QTP

    Is it hard to learn QTP?

    QTP is a very popular tool in the Software Test Automation Market due to its advanced features and powerful scripting (VB Script). Hence, to master the tool it will take time, effort and patience(avg of 1 to 3 months). However, my tutorials have been specifically made to make learning QTP for beginners easy and still provide very advanced topics.

    What do I get after enrolling/paying for QTP training?

    Within 24 hours, you will receive:
    1. Account access (login/pswd) to the secure site for viewing the videos.
    2. Download all class files, project files, scripts, tutorials, documentations.
    3. Access to the Tech Support and Tech Forum for addressing your technical questions.
    4. Free Registration for QA onAir program.
    5. Access to QTP Course FAQ.
    6. Access to QTP Interview Questions.
    7. We give an access to QTP-10 Link which is a trial version for 14 days.

    Is learning QTP essential?

    QTP is one of the most popular tools. It has a very huge job market and has become almost like a mandatory skill for all Software QA professionals.

    How can we access (QTP)videos in Screencast.com?

    All videos related to QTP from screencast have been moved to ITeLearn.com. Please refer to the video name, title and topic that was being referred and look for the same in the main page for “QTP” for that course.

    What are the pre-requisites for learning QTP?

    Nothing specific. The videos have been oriented for absolute beginners. However, basic computer skills and MS Office skills are essential.

    I would like to know QTP-10 is compatible with which operating systems?

    QTP-10 is compatible with Windows xp 32 bit SP2, 3, WIndows xp 64 bit SP2, Vista, Windows 7.

    Do I need to know programming?

    The training program has sufficient focus on learning the required programming knowledge.

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