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Job Placements and Certified Training Program (JPACT Batch-02)

"AnyAut Certified Tester (ACT) Training (JPACT Batch-02)"

Free Day-01 Session on 6th March, 2017 @6.30 PM Pacific

Our Upcoming Events

Course Name Start Date - End Date Time

Batch-B (Advanced)

AnyAut Certified Tester (ACT) Training 6th Mar 2017 - 14th Mar 2017 6.30 PM
Selenium Basic and Advanced level Training 15th Mar 2017 - 7th Apr 2017 5.00 PM
AnyAut Certified Tester (ACT) Training Live Project 15th Mar 2017 - 31st Mar 2017 6.30 PM
Selenium Live Project 12th Apr 2017 - 28th Apr 2017 6.30 PM
AnyAut Certified Developer (ACD) Training 10th Apr 2017 - 21st Apr 2017 5.00 PM
AnyAut Certified Developer (ACD) Live Project Training 1st May 2017 - 17th May 2017 6.30 PM

Batch-A (Beginners and Advanced)

Positive Thinking and Confidence Building 1st Mar 2017 - 10th Mar 2017 7.30 PM
QA/Manual Testing Training (JIRA, Bugzilla) 21st Mar 2017 - 13th Apr 2017 6.30 PM
Vocabulary Idioms Training 20th Mar 2017 - 31st Mar 2017 7.30 PM
Performance Testing (Loadrunner) 12th Apr 2017 - 28th Apr 2017 6.00 PM
Email Etiquettes 4th Mar 2017 - 14th Apr 2017 6.30 PM
QA Live Project 18th Apr 2017 - 5th May 2017 6.30 PM
Mobile App Testing Basics and Advanced level training 25th Apr 2017 - 12th May 2017 5.30 PM
MAT Live Project 10th May 2017 - 26th May 2017 6.30 PM
Selenium Basic + Advanced Live Training. 17th May 2017 - 9th June 2017 5.00 PM
HP UFT Live Training Tentatively in June
UFT Live Project Tentatively in June/July
AnyAut Certified Tester Training Tentatively in June
AnyAut Certified Developer Training Tentatively in June



Placement Program: 

With our Certified Training Program, we are confident to build a pool of talent that the Testing market needs at a global level. 

As part of the placement program, we intend to create job opportunities for the Certified Professionals through the following activities: 

▶ Resume preparation and tips

▶ Mock interviews, project discussions 

▶ Communication skills improvement (written and verbal) 

▶ Guidelines on corporate working etiquettes 

▶ Market the resumes across various job boards, clients and consultancies in the US market 

▶ Build your confidence to face Telephonic and Face-To-Face interviews effectively.

▶ An overview on training master program

▶ Automation skills

▶ Certification

We at thrive to offer the best Training to the Millions Globally.

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 Join the AnyAut Certified Tester (ACT) Training (JPACT Batch-02) Free Day-01 Session on 6th March 2017 @6:30 PM

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