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How to get QA/Automation Testing Job Quickly? (JPACT) (Feb 2017)

How to get QA/Automation Testing Job Quickly (JPACT) Feb 2017 Free videos (Day 01 & Day 02 )

The below 2 hours intense training videos will help take your skill to a JOB, quickly.

1. Resume – Prepare the right one. By Karthik and Manoj.
2. Job Boards – Posting rightly to get profiles noticed. By Karthik and Amulya.
3. Telephonic Interviews – How to make the best of the calls? By Priya and Karthik.
4. In-Person Interviews – How to win the job? By Priya and Karthik.
5. Top tips to truly make it. By Karthik.

February 9, 2017
  • Karthik Kosireddi

    Hello all. Kindly post your questions on the above topic out here.

  • aakash nath

    please guide us for

    • Karthik Kosireddi

      Aakash, I specifically don’t know much as have never used I am aware that it is one of the top job boards in India. My suggestion is to try it out at your end with the tips we provided in the above videos. Should be very similar and very user the website should be very user friendly.

      • aakash nath

        Thanks Karthik

  • Jasmeen

    Karthik, I have 6 months of experience in Manual testing and its been 3 yrs I discontinued what is the best way to restart ?

    • Karthik Kosireddi

      I would recommend you to learn the most in-trend tools/skills and also get hands-on expertise through any project work. The project work that you do should not be a dummy project. It must be where you can also provide references.

  • Zakia

    Karthik, Is cover letter mandatory for applying a job in job portal?

    • Karthik Kosireddi

      Not really. But some websites recommend it. Wont hurt to have a decent cover letter.

  • Zakia

    Karthik, Could you please post a sample cover letter?

    • Karthik Kosireddi

      Sure. Will request my team to share by early next week.

  • Sunil Samson

    Very good video,Karthik i like the way you explain things….great …keep goin…

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