.NET Live Training

Trainer- Kiran Kumar

FREE Day-01 & Day-02 Demo Session on 16th & 17th Mar 2016 @ 5.00 PM Pacific.

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.NET (Network Enabled Technologies) is a world-shattering advance in programming technology platform.

-.NET greatly simplifies any kind of application development like Windows Desktop, Mobile, Internet web application development, etc. 
-.NET is very essential for those who want to be into application development 
Our training method  with a realistic, hands-on, in depth knowledge and skills to develop Rich 
Internet Web applications by using C#-Programming, OOPs using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Linq To 
Sql (ORM) using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
-This advanced Microsoft visual studio .Net C# training course teaches a deep exploration of 
.NET development philosophy and practical advice. This best advanced visual C# .Net training also 
examines the fundamentals of C# essential for writing ASP.NET programs.
-This Best .Net training is also designed to help you prepare for interviews with experience in your 

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